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Selected By: Patrice S.

Tolbert's Restaurant, 423 Main Street, Grapevine

Grapevine, TX (map)

Selected by: Patrice S.

This is being planned by the Keller, TX organizer (Patrice Stanton) in an effort to offer a meeting in a "more central" or more readily "accessible" location. You may want to plan some time afterwards to walk along Grapevine's really cool Main Street!

Selected by: Patrice S.

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    Sorry that this Meetup didn't work out. I may try a PotLuck BBQ at our home for August. Contact me on Facebook if you are interested; I'm so-o-o easy: "Patrice Stanton"

    Posted by Patrice S. July 22
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    If you are planning to go to the Tolbert's in Grapevine please RSVP here by noon the 22nd. Thanks so much! Patrice S.

    Posted by Patrice S. July 21

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    Patrice S.
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Grapevine Freedomain Radio Community

Grapevine, TX Founded July 7, 2014
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