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Let's meet in Miami, FL

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  • Matt Pellnitz's Photo

    Hey is this group still open? I'm down to meet up if you guys are still around.

    Posted by Matt Pellnitz November 5, 2012
    • Pazmeaux's Photo

      Election time would be a great time to share thoughts with voluntarist, philosophy minded people. i don't mind having a group of two to get things rolling. The red pill is tasty, but I have found I generally have to eat alone. Give me a shout if you want to try to schedule something.

      Posted by Pazmeaux November 6, 2012
  • Eddie's Photo

    I personally know many people that would be very interested in the things that Stefan has to say so I figured, "Why not suggest that he come down to sunny South Florida?". One thought tha immediately comes to mind is that we all combine our funds to pay for his travel and lodging expenses. All other suggestions are welcome, of course. Let's see if we can all make this happen!

    Posted by Eddie April 13, 2011
    • Pazmeaux's Photo

      It's been a while since I checked to see if there were FDR members in SoFla, it's nice to see there are. Once upon a time I volunteered to provide Stef with whatever audio and video gear he might request for a SoFla appearance. I could donate projectors and screens and audio reinforcement and would record it for him (that's my day gig). The offer still stands.

      Give me a shout if you guys ever schedule a get together, it would be great to talk to someone besides statists for a change.

      Posted by Pazmeaux May 31, 2012
    • Pazmeaux's Photo

      Hi Folks, I haven't checked in for longer than I realized, but I could do with some face time with a voluntarist or two. Loves me some coffee....Evenings and weekends are usually flexible nowadays, if anyone is interested.

      Posted by Pazmeaux August 30, 2012

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Miami Freedomain Radio Community

Miami, FL Founded April 13, 2011
  • Helper
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