Non-Religious Meal Benediction

Meal Benediction

As we come together to share this meal, let us first remember how it came to us and be grateful to the people who made it possible.

This food was born from the bounty of the Earth, in warm sunlight, rich earth, and cool rain.

May it nourish us, in body and mind, and provide us with the things that are good for living.

We are grateful to those who cultivated it, those who harvested it, those who brought it to us, those who prepared it and those who serve it to us.

May its consumption bring about the pleasures of love, good company and friendship.

And as we enjoy this food in each other's company, may we also remember what we have in common and what brings us all together.

May this sharing of food foster peace and understanding among us, may it bring us to the recognition that we depend on each other for all the good we can ever hope to receive, and that all the good we can hope to accomplish rests in helping others in turn.

May it remind us that as we reach out to others to enhance their lives, so are our lives enhanced.

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