Great wishes for each of you for the New Year!

From: Fena
Sent on: Tuesday, January 1, 2013 8:53 PM

Hi Friends,

I really wanted to get this out yesterday but my day was totally full, as was today!  So here it is.

This past year has really been a year of growth, change, wonderful things happening, hard things to deal with, and people leaving my life and new people coming into it.  I am sure that much of this rings true for each of you as well.  As I look forward to this next year and our 6th year of Friends First,  I have such high hopes and expectations for each of us and where this group is going and how all of our members are doing.  I do care about each of you and how your life is.  I can only hope that Friends First makes your life better!  That is my goal and I hope that in the coming year I/We can make all of our lives better through friendship.

I found an article that I would like to share with all of you.   I could have written it!  The words rang so true for me in the mission of being the leader of Friends First and helping the members improve their lives and the lives of other members.  That is the great thing about FF.  Everyone reaches out to others and offers friendhip, kindness and help through the tough times and there to share the laughter of joyful times.



  • Learn to entertain. Create a reason why people would want to come over to your place. Offer something to people that they don't already have. While you don't want a pool or video game console to be the only reason people come over, it will give you an opportunity to socialize with people and for them to get to know you better. Go online and find people that like to go swimming and have cookouts. Invite new people over you feel you can trust and just be friendly. Make this a group event so that you're not the only person there. Be sure to have some friends there that you already know to help you break the ice.
  • Friendships require a lot of tolerance and it boils down to how much you are willing to give and take.
  • We should not judge them based on our own values.
  • Accept your friend as who he is. Once you try to moderate him, that's when the camaraderie will be under stress.
  • Get your friends to know your family as well so that there will be more chances to stay in touch with one another.
  • Along with learning to entertain, try to be unique to attract attention. When you have something interesting that people can learn from you, they tend to stick around and ask you questions. This is usually the case when you know a lot about something popularly known yet complex, something controversial, or something that could just spark a big debate. Some of the most interesting people you meet may have a large knowledge base when it comes to things like politics, certain religions, or strange topics like astrology and divination.
  • You don't have to be a superstar to be fun. You don't even have to do cartwheels. You do need to be positive and friendly, however, so that people feel good and appreciated when they're around you.   (THIS IS SO TRUE!!! )
  • From the very first conversation you have with someone, you should use body language to convey that you are affable, non-threatening, and approachable. Smile frequently, laugh often, and make eye contact. In your words, be confident, but don't be cocky, condescending, or mean-spirited.
  • In general, the Internet is a great place to make friends, but... it's also easy to invest a lot of time online with someone you think of as a friend, but then you never meet because of time and distance. Expect to have to sift through a lot of people online before you find the right one for you. Make yourself beautiful, get a makeover.
  • If you have a friend who knows some good people that you aren't acquainted with, ask them to invite those people to hang out with the two of you. It is a great way to make some friends who have common interests.
  • Let the friendship unfold naturally. Don't force the friendship because they won't be your true friend if you cannot be yourself around them.
  • Know that this is no exact science. There's no perfect method to getting a friend. It's a natural process, and if it happens, it happens.
  • Make sure you keep yourself open to new possibilities. You never know what might be in store for you, if you have the eyes to see.
  • Its very important to remind and counsel your friend he/she about the things they should avoid or refrain. This will help you convey how special that friend is to you.
  • Friendship is a feeling which makes one happy and comfort. No matter whether it's a person, thing, or something else.
  • Happy New Year!!
  • Fena

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