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Seeds of Wisdom for this day, October 31, 2011

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The purpose of your life is to find out your purpose in life.

Good morning friends,

Another start of a work week. Hopefully most of you are working and if not, hopefully you will land a career/job that you truly enjoy.

Purpose. What is your purpose in life? Do you know? Have you ever pondered that thought?

Especially after divorce or widowhood, we tend to lose a major part of our purpose in life. Most of us were married and we had someone to take care of in our spouses and children. Once the children are raised and gone and there is no longer a spouse or "significant other", then what are we living for? What is our purpose?

Do you feel that your work is your purpose in life? Many of us identify with that thought. That is a noble journey, if your life is doing something good for you, your family and your company. Not everyone's work is purposeful though, in the big sense of the word. Some of us hold jobs that are just that-JOBS. Some are on a journey of changing the world with the type of work that they do. They may be doctors, missionaries, people that do something like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. Those two certainly changed their world and our world! Not every occupation is about a purpose such as theirs.

I would like to think that those of us that have had the J-O-B's that we look to other avenues to fulfill our purpose. What purpose is to you may not mean purpose to "the next guy".

I was a painter for a good number of years and while my job was good and paid well, it did in fact change the way that people lived within their homes but it did not change the world and make an impact on society and the world around me. NOT everyone is supposed to do that, I do realize that but, I truly do think that most of us want to leave our mark on this world when we leave it.

So, are you doing something in your work or outside of your work that is going to "leave your mark"? Is that even important to YOU? That is truly something to think about. Especially as we see the years waning away.

Some people occupy space and time on this earth and go through the grind of the day, grind of the week, grind of the year, plotting along and nothing changes. The only lives they affect are theirs alone and their families, if they have one. They make a good living, they care for themselves and their loved ones and the world that they change is the little circle of people that surround them.

There is nothing wrong with that. That in a sense is "the American way". Have your family, grow your children to become productive individuals in society, work in your chosen career and then retire with your mate (providing you don't lose them through divorce or widowhood) and live happily ever after. End of story.

Personally, I could not survive in that scenario because I am different. Doesn't make it right or wrong, just different.

Yet, when I think about our lives, yours and mine, I believe that we are all here to do a greater good. I think that when we each find something within ourselves to "give back to society" that it makes us better people. I know it does for me.

It was back in my 30's that the whole idea of doing something for others awakened me to the thought that there was a bigger purpose out there for me. I realized that I loved doing volunteer work. I worked in homeless shelters and clinics that helped people with specific diseases and a regular old charity medical clinic.

That time in my life changed where I was going in my life. Each year has been one step closer to finding my purpose in life. My real purpose. Not just to make a living and care for myself. Something bigger. Something that will leave a legacy.

THAT is what has enabled me to find worth and a sense of "WHO" I am.

That is the reason that I ask that question of all of you. If I have found myself that way, could you possibly also "find yourself" that way? It is a thought.

I know that I was so lost for a number of years. I had no real direction or purpose in life. THAT is what got me into real trouble. I had no direction, I made bad choices in the people that I let into my life and I even got into trouble landing myself with a real nice DUI and an almost fatal suicide attempt.

It was once that I started to find my purpose, that I was able to start to "dig myself out" of the hole I had put myself into. Finding my purpose was that lifeline that started the whole transformation and process.

I like to think of finding my purpose as laying stepping stones. My path has many of those stepping stones in it. Each one a step forward and each one decorated in a different design, YET…each going forward.

So, I ask you to ask yourself this: What is your purpose? Think about it. Possibly if you can find the answer to that, like me, you will know where your path is to take you.

I bet you are wondering, "What is it that Fena sees as her purpose in life?". The next time you see me, ask me. I will share that with you.

Now get busy….you have a life to live! Find your purpose!

Have a wonderful day friends!

Fena D'Ottavio

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