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user 9090133
Kenner, LA
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The leftist, "re-elect Obama", MSM is spinning every aspect of the recent Embassy attacks and murders of American citizens. Every MSM outlet is blaming the "anti- Islam" movie for the unrest and completely ignoring the Obama administration's policies that have led to this world wide attack on America.

Team Obama has been on TV for days....... denying that these attacks are "on the United States" and are making a co-ordinated attack on Mitt Romney for his well spoken and rationale comments on this situation.

According to video on Fox News, Obama and Hilary Clinton said they plan to use UN Resolution 1618 to address the "causes" of this murderous conflict. AND, some attorney on Fox last night said the film maker "could face criminal prosecution if he KNEW his words (film) could cause riots and murder" !!!! (So...get out your crystal ball...'cause now you can be held criminally liable for "free speech" if some crazed lunatic takes offense at your words......).

UN Ambassador Susan Rice continues the narrative by claiming these riots and murders are "spontaneous" and not premeditated...... just in reaction to this film!!! Team Obama response is to "investigate" the film maker!!!­

Libyan President Mohammed el-Megarif joined other members of his government in declaring the attack a planned assault, possibly by an Al Qaeda-tied group.
Read more:­

Warning issued 3 days before Libya attack­

UN Resolution 1618 was passed in 2005 .
' While it has been hailed in the West as a victory for free speech, the Organisation of the Islamic Conference's (OIC's) new Resolution 16/18, "Combating intolerance . . .", is even more dangerous than resolution 2005/3, "Combating Defamation of Religion". Far from being an OIC back-down or a breakthrough for liberty, the change in focus from defamation to incitement is not only totally consistent with OIC strategy since early 2009, but it actually advances the OIC's primary goal: the criminalisation of criticism of Islam.'

HOW can anyone even consider a second term for this Obama adminstration ????? We will ALL be criminals and blamed for any act of terror, foreign or domestic!!!

Obama vs First Amendment (MUST READ)

Film maker "picked up" by police

Rush Limbaugh on media bias and events

"Terror" updates from Sec of State on 9/7/12 (Nothing going on !!!)
Kristen B.
Slidell, LA
Post #: 190
Speaking of OIC...please watch Michelle Bachmann at the Voter's Summit video...if in a hurry, at least slide to the 9min marker and listen from that point...not long...then share with others! This scares me!!­

user 9090133
Kenner, LA
Post #: 3,335
Thanks, Kristen....this video is excellent and clearly explains events of the past week in the US and abroad. VERY frightening that Obama and Clinton actually SUPPORT the initiatives of OIC.

Keep reading>>>>>>
user 9090133
Kenner, LA
Post #: 3,337
Pretty clear that Team Obama does not like "free speech". The below info....combined with the posts above paints a picture of an administration that wishes to control "the people" by controlling our speech!!! WHY would they endorse Islamic law over the constitution???

President Barack Obama’s top civil rights official repeatedly declined to support religious free speech during a July 27, 2012 congressional hearing, despite repeated questioning from Arizona Republican Rep. Trent Franks, who chairs the House’s constitution subcommittee.

Read more:­

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