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Kenner, LA
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Sen DeMint must see the writing on the wall for the next 4 years of Obama.........

Such a shame. We are losing another CONSERVATIVE voice....... Allen West will be gone..... and unless something changes before Saturday, Dec 8.... it looks like Rep Boustany will win over Rep Landry in Louisiana...

See more info on the Landry -Boustany race HERE. URGENT!!!­
Paul J. B.
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Metairie, LA
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Seems as if we are losing the Republic. I will continue to fight and pray.
user 9090133
Kenner, LA
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Agree, Paul....... we ALL need to fight and pray!!!

Here is a video of DeMint speaking to Heritage group last October (thanks, Sonny)­

Hopefully, he can do more to save the country at Heritage than in the Reid controlled Senate!!
A former member
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Very upsetting! It's obvious Sen DeMint knows something and does NOT want to be part of it in Congress or 'maybe' there is 'another plan' into play here. It is 'obvious' there is a PLAN/Agenda.
Agenda 21 implemented 100% within the next 4 years, maybe? Heritage is not exactly 100% Constitutional Conservative. (suspected as working with the enemy on 'some' subjects and Dick Armey has a Bad Track Record of who he works with and too close too). Hoping Sen DeMint changes that for the better.
I sure hope I'm wrong in thinking about something I read online that the republicans will 'pretend' to finally give in to the FIGHT against 'Common Core' only to FOOL the conservatives into the 'SAME", called State Standards or something else. The republicans will do this knowingly. It's a plan to make the Conservatives think they (repubs) are on the Tea Parties side. I hope this will not play out and Sen DeMint does NOT have anything to do with this and that's why he quit congress to go with Heritage to lead this 'pretending move forward and plan'. I was shocked and also very specious of this 'DeMint' event. GOD help us.
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Kenner, LA
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Good info here in Sen DeMint's own words....... http://www.theblaze.c...­

Most Republican legislators are already FOR the Common Core State Standards...... which we already have!!! (Only Texas and Alaska have rejected them and the NCLB waiver). Gov Jindal, the NGA, and most other Gov's are already pushing "choice" and Standards. Once the State Standards are in place (2014 in LA)..... it will be easy for the FEDS to manipulate funding and push the states to adopt the National Common Core Standards.

Our own Louisiana School Supt John White has already proclaimed that as our goal in Louisiana!!!!
"The (BESE) board also decided not to authorize textbooks for a new 7-year cycle. State superintendent of education John White said most of the books advanced by the department's textbook review committee didn't sufficiently align with the national standards that the state will fully introduce in 2014.

Given that the state hasn't finished creating new tests that use the "Common Core" standards, White said there is no reasonable way for publishers to "align their textbooks fully with assessments that haven't been produced."­

Only a handful of Republicans seem to understand Common Core...... Sen Rubio does.... and hopefully DeMint. We need to EDUCATE our local and state politicians and educators and citizens!!!!

Once WE understand Common Core (State and National) ....... no one can fool us!!!

A former member
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I was speaking of AFTER the FACT, Terri. I'm a step AHEAD of you. Take off the Blinders.
user 9090133
Kenner, LA
Post #: 3,522
I was speaking of AFTER the FACT, Terri. I'm a step AHEAD of you. Take off the Blinders.

Jane, can you explain your above comments???
My last post was an informative and fact based analysis of what is going on with Sen DeMint (ie the video)...and then an analysis of where we are currently with the Common Core debate (see the links). I think we have to understand where we are in order to be prepared for the future. Do you disagree?

Not sure what I posted that you think is not relevant to this discussion...... or that indicates I am not seeing something YOU see.

I would appreciate it if you could explain the following:
1. After WHAT fact????
2. You are AHEAD of me in what respect???
3. What blinders????

user 9090133
Kenner, LA
Post #: 3,523
Another good articles on Sen Jim deMint:

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