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Celebrate Gizmodo’s Tenth Birthday on Gizmodo Day

Selected By: Christopher M.

Parkside Cafe

4036 5th Ave S, Birmingham, AL 35222 (map)

Selected by: Christopher M.

Parkside Cafe address: 4036 5th Avenue South Birmingham, AL 35222

Gizmodo turned 10 last month, and we want you to join us to celebrate hitting the double-digit mark.

We're ringing in the big day with multi-city celebrations on August 16. New York will have the biggest official Meetup with most of the Gizmodo staff in attendance. Editors outside NY are also hosting official events in a few other cities like San Francisco, Birmingham, Los Angeles and Oxford, U.K. Each Meetup starts at 8pm local time on what shall be known as Gizmodo Day—Thursday, August 16.

Other cities can create their own, too. Here's how it works: We're using Meetup Everywhere to organize meetups around the world. You can Schedule a Gizmodo Day Meetup in your own city and become the organizer.

Attending a Gizmodo Day Meetup? Tweet and Instagram your images using #gizday, and we'll post your pics up on the site. We can't wait to see you!

Selected by: Christopher M.

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