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John Terry and The English Establishment

Yoga B.
user 11354113
London, GB
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John Terry is an entirely anticipated and reviled 'product' of The English Establishment's ascent to The Throne of 'The Vile and The Ugly'.

Terry is no more than an obvious (to those whom are discerning) symptom of that 'English System' that established, and CONTINUES to establish its Status Quo through enormous and gratuitous violence, endemic corruption, systematic abuse of humankind, deceit on an UNPRECEDENTED scale, malevolence and sheer blind and conceited disregard for the wishes of another human.

John Terry is merely a symptom of a 'disease' ridden English Establishment, and its SUPPORTERS, that are ENTRENCHED in their IMPERIAL past.

More to come when my rage abates !

In the meantime, here are TEN 'facts' that The English Courts of Law do NOT dispute:

1) John Terry is NOT a racist.
2) The Met Police is NOT racist OR corrupt.
3) 'Prince' Philip is NOT a racist.
4) 'Prince' Harry is NOT a racist.
5) The Ku Klux Klan is NOT racist.
6) Bankers are NOT corrupt.
7) Hitler LOVED Jews.
Given the volume of Jews and 'sympathisers' of Israeli Foreign 'Policy' in The English Judiciary (or should that be spelt 'Jewdiaciary'), I would suspect that Hitler may have 'lost' this 'argument'.

8. Britain is truly 'great' (lower case intended) !

9. 'Black' and 'Brown' people are 'inferior' to 'White' people and are thus exempt for the purposes of fairness and EQUALITY.

And, most importantly,

10. Pigs really do FLY.
(Oh yes they do, oh no they don't.............) ha,ha, ha ; if only it were a 'joke' !

English 'Justice' remains as ever, COLOUR coded.

Surely, that notion that WE, the 'minorities', have 'a chip on our shoulders' MUST once and for all 'be put to rest'.

For example, about SEVENTY ( forgive me, SIXTY EIGHT) percent of entrants to England's Medical Schools remain BROWN skinned ( i.e. from the Indian 'sub-continent' and NOT White English), the vast majority of whom attended Grammar or State Schools (as opposed to Public Schools), and all this despite the PROVEN (see other articles) RACIST selection policies (plural).

Whom did You say had a 'chip' on their shoulders ?

Be careful now 'ladies and gentlemen' !

Why is it that EXTREMELY privileged 'white English kids', who attend VERY expensive Public Schools, simply CANNOT 'make the grade(s)' despite EVERY type of 'help' (including a 'nod and a wink' from 'Big Brother') afforded to THEM ?

Do you really need to ask ? Lack of TALENT, BRAINS and GENETIC predisposition. (Full Stop)
(Advanced Level Chemistry proves to be, time and time again, their intellectual 'stumbling block'.) Ooops !

One simply CANNOT 'make a silk purse out of a sow's ear', REGARDLESS of 'effort' or 'circumstances'.

I am FULLY aware of the the envy, jealousy and resentment that this fundamental truth generates in a country riddled with (possibly the MAJORITY , i.e. greater than fifty percent) BIGOTS and the UNEVOLVED.

Rather than simply 'tolerate', discriminate against and exploit the minorities, perhaps this Nation of England MUST endeavour to appreciate, enjoy and dare I say it, be grateful for their presence (in addition to the 'presents' that they bestow upon this nation).

How dare does a Nation constructed upon the systematic ENSLAVEMENT and DISEMPOWERMENT of almost every other race of people assume any kind of 'superiority' ?

Are any of you STILL proud of GREAT Britain ?

The majority (need I repeat it, over 50%) of White England REMAIN unevolved, uneducated, ungrateful AND most importantly, UNREPENTENT ( 'It wasn't me', chant The Sheep ; repentence and contrition are founding doctrines of any 'judicial' system).
About what, You bleat in unison ?
IF You need to ask The Question , You will NEVER comprehend The Answer !

In Physics, the colour white is the representation (i.e. the presence) of EVERY colour and 'black' the total absence of colours ! Polarisation is a concept of Physics readily 'applied' by 'The Sheep' in an attempt to 'illustrate' their 'point'. Bahhhhhhhh !

Humility,contrition and unequivocal apologies should be the 'order of the day' for 'Great' Britain, along with the repatriation of ALL STOLEN wealth. Rather than be proud, be ashamed, be VERY ashamed, of Britain's past AND present.

Only then, can WE as a Nation, ever dream of EQUALITY.

"When I despair, I remember that throughout history the ways of truth and love have always WON: The Tyrants and The Murderers may seem invincible for awhile, but they ALWAYS fall, always.... think of it." Mahathma (Mohandas K) Gandhi, The scourge of WHITE ENGLISH INJUSTICE.

Yoga, DPhil (Oxon), Mathematics and Philosophy

P.S. I can hear The Sheep bleat, 'Who 'gave' you your Doctorate?'; 'US' (White England, is that what You mean) ?

Answer: people like ME made Oxford 'great' and NOT the other way round (i.e. greatness has NOT been BESTOWED upon me; elucidation for the simpletons and the unevolved, yet HUGELY envious...... ).

THIS has to be 'said'. Any replies ?............ Go on, defend The Indefensible, I dare you !

Yoga B.
user 11354113
London, GB
Post #: 74
I would urge ALL 'sheep' to read on:­
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