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Wear red on the 10th Annual National Wear Red Day to stand with women in the fight against their No. 1 killer - heart disease. Because when Women Go Red, all of us - women and men - join together to support swifter action for women's health, increased funding and more research, all for the ultimate goal of saving women's lives. Visit www.GoRedForWomen.org/WearRedDay to get free posters, flyers, and a how to guide for the day!

How can you Go Red?
• Paint the town red! Whether it’s your home, your local landmark or your neighborhood Main Street, we need your help to shine a red spotlight in the community. • Educate others through your own Wear Red Day event. Whether at work, school or your club, our planning guide, posters and flyer will help you put together a great event. • Shop Your For a Cause at Shopheart.org. With 100% of proceeds after expenses going to educate around heart disease and stroke, wearing red will never feel better. • Research to save women’s lives is only possible though donations. Create a Fundraising page or Donate to Go Red for Women today at GoRedforwomen.org/wearredday. • Know the Symptoms of a Heart Attack. Some of the signs may be a different for women than men. Know them and share them with a woman you love. • Turn your Profile Red. Turn your Twitter or Facebook profile picture red using our red dress image, or change your cover on Facebook to one of ours. Facebook.com/GoRedForWomen

• Share your pictures with us. Join the America Goes Red Challenge, where thousands of people will share their Be part of the challenge – share your pictures. Facebook.com/wearredday

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College Station Go Red For Women Community

College Station, TX Founded January 28, 2013
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