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Vote on which events we want to go to at the Philly Fringe

Please choose the events you want to see as a group at the Philly Fringe Festival. The 3 most popular ones will be choosen from the list below and I will setup meetups to go to those. If you want to go to something else then respond to the email on the poll I will send out and say what you want and when you would like to see it. I cant say how good the various events are except Lunch Lady Doris which is very funny I saw them last year. To see the description of an event go to the Philly Fringe Festival website and type in the name of the event.

Aug 18, 2007 5 so far

What should our next meetup be?

Please vote on what interests you most for our next event.

May 5, 2007 7 so far

Which Philly tour would you like to go on?

There are a lot of options in Philly (believe it or not). This would probably be on a Saturday or Sunday. Please help me narrow it down. There's democracy in this meetup. However, I get the last say. : ) - Sheila

Aug 19, 2009 7 so far

Which of the smaller museums would you like to check out next?

I would like to know what people are interested in in terms of the smaller museums, so I started a poll so I can narrow it down a bit. I already plan on going to The Franklin, Art Museum, Zoo, Aquarium, etc. at a future date, but what other places would you like to check out. All these museums are unique to Philadelphia or is one of the few museums in the nation.

Apr 3, 2009 11 so far

Franklin Institute Star Wars Exhibit at a possible group discount

Who would like to go to the Franklin Instittutes Star Wars Exhibit as a group? If we can get 15 members to say they would like to go to the exhibit then we can go for like 13 dollars a person. Instead of like 20 dollars a person.

Feb 23, 2008 12 so far

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