"Live & HELP Live": My Original Essay I feel Passionate about & Proud of --just now wrote--catalyzed by the email below I just got . . .NEWS FLASH! FEMINIST ICON GLORIA STEINEM, 2012 HUMANIST OF THE YEAR TO SPEAK AT UCF OCT. 19th from 11:30 A. M. - 2:00

From: Norma Jeane Y.
Sent on: Sunday, October 7, 2012 6:59 PM

I saw Gloria Steinem in person (lst time was in Chattanooga, TN in 1972) & got her autograph a year ago when she spoke during the weekend-long conference at Rollins College celebrating Veteran Feminists of America (of which I am one).  Went to the Awards Banquet where I was able to see her "up close & personal."  She is the equivalent, in our time, I and many others believe of the pioneering Suffragette who led women to gain the vote in the U. S. in 1920 -- Susan B. Anthony.

We have not "arrived" to where we can "rest on our 'laurels' as long as there are millions of young girls (as young as 8-9) who are being forced to undergo "female circumcision" [Female Genital Mutilation as horrifically-extreme examples of ignorant male-begun tradition as extreme torture to try to control women's sexuality -- & women themselves -- thus affecting the Quality of Life of the Whole World!] 

PBS had a 2-hr. special I saw last wk. with famed N. Y. Times "intrepid reporter" Nicholas Kristof, along with celebrities Diane Lane & America Ferrara who visited the countries -- (under the auspices of Half the Sky, a Movement supported & sanctioned by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, United Nations, etc. -- that builds on the (American Indian-origined, I believe) principle that "Women Hold Up Half the Sky") -- & interviewed the people involved. 

FGM kills or maims millions of girls & young women; is the major cause of difficulty & death in childbirth--AND deprives the women of any pleasure in sexual relations.  The documentary also covered the also-horrific practice of prostitution in India--where it is highest in the world -- & involves girls as young as 8 or 9 being Sold Into prostitution for their entire lives.  The caste system promoted by the religions & culture there fosters this.  Again, more violence toward women by men --which affects the Quality of Life for the Whole Society -- & the Whole World!

[The next debate in the election we are in the "throes" of is this coming Thursday evening with Democratic Vice Presidential Candidate Joe Biden, author of the recently passed Violence Against Women Act.  His Republican opponent, Paul Ryan, by contrast, seeks to increase violence toward women by Re-defining Rape to the point of speaking of "legitimate" (?!) rape & proposing that abortion be outlawed EVEN in cases of rape or incest! -- and it goes without saying that if Ryan is the V. P. candidate -- it implicates by association presidential candidate Mitt Romney for choosing Ryan as his running mate to "ramp up" the already-in-progress-this-whole-past-year-especially -- the Republican War on Women!

"WE" are not free as long as ONE of us is enslaved by ignorance of all kinds that stunts the realization of that person's full potential! -- & exponentially the Potential of ALL the Humans of the WORLD!!

PLEASE!  Carefully examine your HEART -- & Your Humanity/Consciousness/Spirituality, Your Common Sense -- & your Compassion Quotient to see "Where you ARE" in this Stark Contrast of Values & Ideologies.  Are you FOR More Violence to the Women in our World?  -- or -- Are you FOR the HUMAN RACE & BETTER QUALITY OF LIFE FOR ALL WOMEN -- for your mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts & grandmothers, etc.?

Respect for ALL PEOPLE is the ONLY principle & value that can LIFT HUMANITY OUT OF of the Darkness of Fear & Ignorance that has plagued the Human Species from the Beginning.

EDUCATION (And Consciousness/Awareness) Begins with Me

LOVE Begins with Me -- and

PEACE Begins with Me.


--Norma J. Young
Citizen of the World in Residence

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                              Gloria Steinem will be at UCF on October 19 from 11:30 am-2:00

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