(Dan weighs in) -- "Once more" for "Closure," (for now) on this topic: Re: Some Feedback from Correspondents, Dan & Dawn: Re: DIC-ulous! ("Scariest, ugliest? shoes?")

From: Norma Jeane Y.
Sent on: Wednesday, October 10, 2012 9:25 PM

From: Dan
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Subject: Re: Some Feedback from Correspondents, Dan & Dawn: Re: DIC-ulous! ("Scariest, ugliest? shoes?")

I agree with everything you've said below.  Someone once ventured the opinion that high heels make the calf of the leg look sexier.  You'll never prove it by me.  --Dan

When I see women in high heels from the rear or side, their calves often have unnatural-looking & unsightly bulges -- from the strain on these muscles to remain in the same position for a long time.  The natural gait of walking of heel-to-toe that causes the calf muscles to naturally exercise as they expand & contract is thwarted by the rigidity of the high heels. -- Norma

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Subject: Some Feedback from Correspondents, Dan & Dawn: Re: DIC-ulous! ("Scariest, ugliest? shoes?")

Dan:  . . ."The sole purpose of high heels is to make a woman's legs look more appealing to men. . . ."

Dan -- What IS IT ABOUT high heels that you think (other) men think make a woman's leg's "more appealing?"  I've never understood "Why?" . . . Some conjectures:
1)  Makes a woman's legs look "longer" -- but that creates ANOTHER question: "WHY?" is "longer" more beautiful?  Isn't it ENOUGH that the woman's legs look proportionate & fitting & right for HER body?

2)  Makes her legs look more like a ballerina's--as if she's dancing (or walking) on her toes?  However; ballerinas are constantly moving up & down and not usually dancing on concrete.  Their calf muscles get exercised--not fixed into one position for an entire day or whatever period of time the shoes are being worn.  And; the toes are often so pointed that the woman's front part of her foot is mashed into the point of them-causing bunions and other deformities.  (Birkenstock Shoes got it right by making shoes that LOOK LIKE a woman's or a man's ball of the foot so that toes can spread naturally.)

3)  Makes the woman look more "vulnerable" (helpless) & that's associated with Femininity?  (I would say archaic & outmoded attitudes of what makes up "feminine.")  "Wonder Woman" was very feminine--& I don't recall HER wearing spike heels.  Isadora Duncan was the first woman to dance nude in mainstream art circles, using scarves with an artistic flair.  SHE didn't wear high heels.  She danced Barefoot!  And she was celebrated all over Europe (first) -- & then the U. S. for her great femininity & artistic talents.

4)  Other?

Perhaps it's TIME for men to examine their "beauty index" & question why they encourage women to deform themselves in the name of THEIR antiquated idea of beauty.  And, Indeed it's High Time for WOMEN to ask themselves--How in the name of Health & Self Love can they let themselves continue to permit self-abuse in order to "appeal to an attitude from men that is injurious to their whole bodies!"


From: Dan <[address removed]>
To: [address removed]
Sent: Wednesday, October 10,[masked]:40 PM
Subject: Re: DIC-ulous! ("Scariest, ugliest? shoes?")

Scary ugly, not beautiful!  Unbelievable video.  The sole purpose of high heels is to make a woman's legs look more appealing to men.  Never mind that the heels may eventually cause all kinds of medical problems!  I prefer au-natural.  --Dan

(From Dawn):

I get an eyeful of all that shoe nonsense every time I visit NY.
These poor girls are such slaves to the fashion industry -
I really pity them, as they shamble down the city streets and ascend/descend steep subway stairs
 - I'm thinking, OUCH! No thanks: D

"Right ON, Sister! -- Norma

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From: Norma Young <[address removed]>
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Subject: re-DIC-ulous! ("Scariest, ugliest? shoes?")

What IS? this OBSESSION with creating high-heeled shoes that DEFY the PURPOSE of shoes:  to be able to WALK in them--without injuring oneself!  Some new version of the SEXIST Chinese Foot Binding Practice to CONTROL women's Movements-- & therefore their LIVES?! 

"What Price Beauty?"  These "shoes" aren't even beautiful . . . (I know, "Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder" -- & all That) . . .What makes "Beauty" is also from a Consciousness/Conscience origin.  If you think it's "beautiful" to see a woman hobble along on unsafe, high-heeled shoes that wreck her back, make her vulnerable to falls & generally thwart the natural, beautiful, free-flowing movement of a woman's body--then your perception of "Beautiful" is, in my opinion, "sexistly, sadistically-masochistically WARPED!"

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