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From: Norma Jeane Y.
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You raise a valid question, James.  Just as with humans, food sources can become depleted for animals too--either through human folly or action by nature--drought, flood, etc.  That's why I suggested re-locating if suitable habitat can be found.  I don't know enough about wolves to know if the wolves in Carl's mother's area (don't even know what area his mother is IN) could adapt to another habitat.  That's for the wolf experts to assess.  Generally, I feel there are Far Better Solutions than just killing the animals. 
Certainly; in the case of domestic animals, birth control can be practiced such as spaying & neutering--& that goes for humans too---to control our OWN populations--which the Republicans--especially Romney & Ryan were DEAD set against--even in the Republican platform.  Their positions became so extreme that they alienated themselves from logical, compassionate voters.  Not even wanting to "allow" a woman to have an abortion in case of rape or incest!?  Ryan, particularly was/is SOooooo out of touch.  It's a woman's RIGHT to  have an abortion if she CHOOSES--just as it is a PERSON'S right to LOVE whom they please -- & MARRY whom they please!  The government should stay out of our bedrooms-- but/and PROTECT the animals who can't protect themselves!

From: James
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So, carl has a point.  when is the population of a animal too much in one area to allow the pack to eat and be secure.   There are studies of many areas that become over populated to the point that vegitation and the species started to die..
Yes, a catch 22.
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Subject: Re: Response to Carl: Re: War on Wolves: TAKE ACTION: Help Stop a Delisting Catastrophe!

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No, BOTH are important.  Carl, I see the human vs. "other animal" dilemma.  There's a positive solution for BOTH, I think/feel.  Re-locate the wolves to other compatible habitat by humanely trapping & releasing them--just like now, for ex., I have a swarm of bees building a hive near my house in a cement block stack between bordering fences of my & my neighbors'.  They're drawn here by the blooming of my citrus trees. 
WE NEED the bees--or our civilization doesn't survive!  However; I don't need them swarming right next to the house & "hiving." 
So; I contacted a couple in my Orlando Freethinkers & Humanists org. who are beekeepers & invited them to come & collect them to relocate them to their bee farm or relocate them to the back of my property -- in a proper hive & maintain the hive in exchange for the honey they'd produce. 
My father kept a dozen or so beehives when I was a child, so I have a sense of bees.  I was raised in the country with my parents who were organic farmers, sorghum makers, etc.)  I contacted Seminole Cty. earlier today & they'd charge $250 to the property owner to come & relocate them.  It's a "toss-up" question of Whose property it is.  Plus;  I don't have the extra $250 for that + why not let the beekeepers in my OFH org. have them if they are willing to relocate them to their property or more suitably to another location on my property?
There are generally far better solutions to living in harmony with nature & wildlife than to kill the life.  After all; the wolves & bees were HERE before we were.  WE are encroaching on THEIR territory.  It's WE who need to adapt as well.  We NEED them far more than THEY need us!
BTW -- Do you know about "Eat More Produce" in Winter Park?  The owners are immigrants-in-process from Canada (& apparently gay parents too, intuiting from the petition they're asking people to sign).  I'm forwarding that to you next.  Perhaps you can add your voice to others' & help the gay rights & immigrants -rights movements at the same time.
Best Regards to you and your partner, Kyle,

From: Carl
To: Norma Young <[address removed]> Sent: Friday, February 15,[masked]:11 PMSubject: Re: War on Wolves: TAKE ACTION: Help Stop a Delisting Catastrophe!

They are so thick where my mother lives she cannot walk outside at dark on her farm.  So the wolf is more important than my mother.
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Subject: TAKE ACTION: Help Stop a Delisting Catastrophe!
War on Wolves

Urge your Representative to stand up for wolves!

Yellowstone wolves credit Eilish Palmer
© Eilish Palmer

If you care about wolves, we need you to help stop a potential delisting nightmare!
Speak Out for Wolves -- Take Action &gt;&gt;
Dear Norma, If you care about wolves, we need you to take action immediately.The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is deliberating the proposed removal of nearly all Endangered Species Act protection for gray wolves in the Lower 48 states, with the possible exception of the Mexican gray wolf. This delisting would be a conservation nightmare.We're trying to get as many members of Congress possible to sign on to a Congressional letter urging the U.S. Fish and Wildlife to keep existing protection for gray wolves in the Lower 48. Please send an urgent message to your representative and ask them to sign!Delisting would turn wolf management decisions over to the states, and we've already seen what can happen when federal protections for wolves are eliminated. Montana, Wyoming and Idaho — all states where wolves have been delisted — have become free-fire zones.More than 1,000 wolves have died from hunting and trapping in the Northern Rockies since Congress and the Fish and Wildlife Service stripped gray wolves of their Endangered Species Act protection. Tell your representative — the important work of wolf recovery is NOT FINISHED — don't allow the clock to be turned back on almost 40 years of wolf conservation.If the Fish and Wildlife Service follows through with a delisting decision, it could derail wolf recovery efforts in numerous areas around the country. In places like the Pacific Northwest, and in states that possess some of the nation's best wolf habitat, such as Colorado, Utah and California.A delisting decision would represent yet another monumental setback for wolf recovery in the Lower 48. It would wind the clock back on one of the nation's greatest endangered species success stories.Wolves' lives are at stake and we need to pull out all the stops to ensure they remain protected under the Endangered Species Act. Please — urge your representative to sign on to a letter to the USFWS — and stop a delisting nightmare!It's up to you and me to ensure that our children's children will have the chance to cherish these magnificent creatures like we do today. Thank you for speaking out for wildlife.Sincerely,
Jamie Rappaport Clark, Defenders of Wildlife
Jamie Rappaport Clark
Defenders of Wildlife
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