"Earth Day" (4/22) Month, SPRING "Intoxication + Champagne MANGOES = ABUNDANCE (A-BUN-DANCE) -- a MOON DANCE on this FULL MOON NIGHT, 4/25 = One "Happy Humanist/Freethinker/Freespirit"

From: Norma Jeane Y.
Sent on: Friday, April 26, 2013 3:49 AM

Subject:  "Earth Day" (4/22) Month + SPRING "Intoxication" + Champagne MANGOES = ABUNDANCE (A-Bun-
Dance) -- a MOON DANCE on this Official FULL MOON NIGHT, 4/25 -- And One "Happy
Humanist/Freethinker/Freespirit" --  Free to BE! (original essay)

                                                  A Celebration of Earth & LIFE!
I Got "Mangoized" earlier this month at Whole Foods Market in Winter Park (about a mile from my home).
Around 6:30 - 7:00 p.m. -- I got home from Whole Foods, felt "hyper-happy" & expressed it in the happiest moments of the day when I DANCED IT OUT to my own a capella improv'd. music at the time--most fun I've had with myself & highest I've felt impelled to let my spirits soar in many a month.  Felt GREAT! to "Call it Up" from that "Wild Place Within" and let it "Break Free" however it wanted to come out.  To "Let Loose" without Judgment in making/hearing whatever sounds wanted to emit.}
(Background:)  Whole Foods had a 1-day Champagne Mango sale--50 cents ea. or 10 for $5.00   Got there about 2 p.m. (not OFFICIALLY up--was just going to go grab em, come home & finish my sleep) . . . HOWEVER -- The Energy of the Process got through my "shields" & I finally just "gave over" to the Process & segue-edly declared myself Officially Up & Allowed the rest of the Day to happen.  I forgot about being Tired & just let Life IN.  But-- still being tired underneath, the excitement couldn't fully "Ground" -- thus I became "hyper-happy." 
Bought 6 cases of mangoes.  111 count.  The next day they'd be back up to $2.00 a mango.  Saved $150.  Enough fruit for a month for me.  What a FEAST! I have had.  I LOVE! mangoes.  I usually cut a "T" across them, peel them like a banana & sit down & ceremoniously eat 3-4 at a time.  I prefer them plain.  They're just TOO GOOD to mix or "ruin" with anything else (like watermelon--my FAVORITE food I like it by itself.  I eat that "country style" --cut it in half & "dig in" with a big spoon or fork) -- Mango is next favorite food.  I love the texture, the feel of a whole mango in my hands, the slipperyness of it, the shinyness of it, the COLOR of it . . . I could easily "wax poetic" they are SO beautiful & Taste SO GOOD!  I especially love them when they're not stringy.  The ones I got have been PURR-fect!  Every ONE of them!  
Ate the last one last night to the celebratory music of Mozart on Classic Arts Showcase.  After they ripened in boxes sitting on the floor in my dining room, I put them in the 2nd frig I have in the garage & got another couple of weeks of eating time outta them.  I felt SO BLESSED to have found out about this Sale in time & to have been able to go & buy all I wanted.  I shared my blessing with others at the raw food potluck I go to every month.  The devourers of my cut-up mangoes rolled their eyeballs in ecstatic appreciation & "hmmmm-ed" their appreciation.  Another example of "When you give, you Get!" 
I had a good time in Whole Foods, buying other things, sampling from the Deli, interacting with people, watching the varieties of the human species in all their fascinating differences.  I went there twice that day--first to get the mangoes; then back because I'd forgotten to get the raw almond butter which I'm using as quick protein since I'm endeavoring to be Vegan for ethical & health sakes--dairy clogs me up & congests me, like it does many others.  The 2nd time I went back, I had "relinquished myself" to the day and went back freer-clothed so was able to be more fully "present." 
The Process of the Day and noticing all the SPRINGtime Beauty around me -- 
{saw a Be-U-tiful fuscia bouganvilla from the main road--I just HAD to turn off the main course home, go around the block & see it front-on fully; the owner was outside & I called out to him how beautiful the two were in front of his house.  I expressed surprise that they were so large & yet the house looked quite new.  He said 6 years old.  They had Really grown FAST!  Were about a story & a half tall!  Breathtaking.  Told him they reminded me of some I'd seen in the GOR!geous photographs at the recent Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival of some homes in Tuscany villages in Italy}                                 
-- so "Intoxicated" me that when I got home & inside I could not "contain" myself any longer.  I burst into "scat" singing & improv. dancing simultaneously.  I let whatever sounds wanted to come out -- come out -- & moved my body as it wanted to freely -- singing, laughing & dancing around the house -- looking in the full-length mirror sometimes to see how this particular "joie de vivre" looked, so I could visually, as well as viscerally remember these moments -- my energy felt very masculine/feminine separate & together -- integrated & -- "all over the place as I gave myself "permission" to be whatever age or combination of ages wanted to come out.  Many times I felt like 3 or 4  -- sometimes like a teenager -- sometimes like a sexy woman of various ages -- It was so exhilerating to just let the sounds & movements come out -- without their having to make sense -- letting bits & pieces of songs & styles all mix around -- was so much fun to be as SILLY as I wanted to be.  Sometimes I wished I had someone(s) to be Silly WITH -- who could "Play OFF of me" & me him/her/them."  Wished I could just have had an instant playmate who would "appear" & bounce the sounds back & forth with me like a rubber ball.  
One of the free-style-expression sequences I got into was a take-off on the musical "South Pacific" song "Happy Talk."  Was fun to sing the syllables out as fast as I could like a Gilbert & Sullivan musical & "rhythmic" my body at the same time -- & let it change organically w/o thought.  Was fun to hear the sounds a mixture of many kinds of languages-- as if I was making up my own "Esperanto."  Definitely got me "out of my head."  Most self-generated, high-intensity fun I've had in a long time.  Only my own tiredness underneath -- & need for nutrition kept me from letting it go on "forever." 
Along the way, in the flow, my brain, already "revved up" from the various kinds of "Life-Mango-Spring Intoxication" I had imbibed began playing word games with me.  I thought of the ABUNDANCE of MANGOES I'd gotten & felt so blessed.  I wanted to bathe "forever" in the bliss of the moment.  The expressions were all circling & merging & evolving--was quite ecstatic joy -- which could have been even more enhanced by having a companion of an appropriate "sort" who could synergize the laughter & joy & even dance & laugh & touch in even more improv.'d choreographed ways . . . would be neat to watch "variations on a theme" -- make a movie of various directions the energy could take . . . could be "Woody Allen-esque" -- intellectual & explorative, sci-fi parallel universes or multiverses & yet child silly at the same time as well as suddenly quite adult -- just let it all mix around in the totality of its authentic humanness.  What a smorgasboord! -- a banquet of expression.  A non-artificial, non drug/alcohol-induced Natural High.  High on the WINE of LIFE!
-- I just realized (Garrison Keillor-shaggy-dog story style) I've "meandered" away from the point I was making about the word games my brain & I were playing . . .Re:  the word "ABUNDANCE":  I SAW for the first time the word "Within"):  Abun - DANCE.  Then, I "flashed" on yet another word division:  a BUN Dance.  Literally:  A BUN dance.  My BUNS had been dancing.  A BUN dance could even be one, two or more people dancing their BUNS off!  Well, I decided I would "play with the word" for awhile & use it as a "conversation piece" perhaps and ask people if they know the meaning of the word Abundance.  Could be a fun "show 'n tell."
Well -- enough of this "foolin' around."  Been fun relating it to you -- hope you've had fun reading it as part of this Spring Full Moon Celebration -- although would have been more fun CREATING it with others -- EXPERIENCING it with others who could be Freespirit too:  Free to BE You & Me! -- like the song goes.  I'm afraid it "Loses" in translation to words.  Words are a poor substitute for "The REAL Thing." 
"Ain't Nuthin' But the Real Thing, Baby . . ."
"Ain't Nuthin' But the Real Thing, Baby. . ." 
Free Associating is So Seductive. . .
LIFE is SO Seductive
Isn't there a song with some words -- "You go to my head . . . like a glass of champagne . . ."
Well. . . I "got outta my head" with "Champagne MANGOES" & the "INTOXICATION" of LIFE!  --
And   SPRINGTIME!       -- and NOW -- The FULL MOON!
~Norma Jeane a/k/a/ "Rainbow Kid"

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