Religious violence: Fw: Malala dared to speak out

From: Norma Jeane Y.
Sent on: Friday, October 11, 2013 11:59 PM
All Malala wanted to do was get an education & help other girls do the same. 
But the extremely sexist Taliban doesn't believe that girls are human beings.  They are unbelievably short-sighted to think that a strong society is going to evolve from uneducated girls who grow up to be uneducated mothers. 
I have NO respect whatsoever! for a religion that would treat its females so hideously! 
Even the Christian religion has done damage to women in the name of its originating story of Eve eating the apple & thus justifying all manner of second-class treatment & a variety of violence to her ever after.  Jesus, at least (according to the Gospels) debunked the Double Standard & uplifted the status of women.  However, the Biblical acct. of women's origin still "sticks," unfortunately, as even educated Christians use both Old & New Testament stories & quotations to justify women being treated as second-class citizens. 
In that regard, the sexist Christians are no better than the Taliban.  Both religions, especially in their extremist factions are Anti-Woman; Anti-Female.
And The Tea Party Politicans in the U. S. combine the worst of religion & the worst of government in their War on Women that keeps raging in trying to even outlaw birth control.  They want to merge Church & State just like the Taliban wants to--to create a Theo-ocracy--a TEA-ocracy! 
P. S.  I'd like to know:  What in the heck happens to the "sweet little boy" who's held in his mother's arms, cared for, nurtured, hugged & held -- & then somehow grows up to be a tyrant that abuses women--even his own female relatives.  HOW does that "sweet baby boy" turn into "The Monster Man?"

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Subject: Malala dared to speak out
Malala dared to speak out

We stand with Malala.

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Dear Norma,

A year ago, Malala was a 15-year-old schoolgirl in northwest Pakistan thinking about subjects like physics.

On October 9, 2012, the Taliban shot her in the head for advocating for girls’ right to education.

Today she's the survivor of this brutal assassination attempt and an ambassador for the right to access education free from discrimination and violence.

Malala may not have won the Nobel Peace Prize this morning but her courage and determination remain a beacon of hope.

The attack on Malala shows why Amnesty is urgently campaigning for the rights of women and girls. In many cases, it is a matter of life and death.

Please make a donation to Amnesty. Your gift will help stop the cycle of violence against women and promote human rights worldwide.

One in three women will experience violence at some point in her life. Today, the second ever International Day of the Girl, is a day to re-envision a better future for girls everywhere.

When you support Amnesty, you help make sure our human rights campaigners have the resources they need to take effective action in solidarity with young women like Malala.

Together, we can pressure governments to hold perpetrators accountable and advocate for laws and funding that advance women’s and girls’ human rights.

Today is a day to dig in — violence and discrimination against women and girls must be stopped.

Thank you for being a light for all.


Cristina M. Finch
Managing Director
Women's Human Rights Program
Amnesty International USA

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