Calling all Reno area foodies and Wine lovers! If you are interested in gourmet home cooked food and great wines paired with the meal, then this is the group for you.

If you know that fresh white truffles are only available two months out of the year, or that Châteauneuf-du-Pape is a wine from Rhone, then we are looking for you!

If you don't know, but if you want to make new friends, are adventurous and want to learn about the wonderful sensory explosion that gourmet food and wine can bring, then we are also looking for you.

This group will be centered around good food, good wine and good friends. These dinners will be homemade and hosted by existing group members.



The basic premise of this group is that a member volunteers to host a dinner party (event).  The Host creates the meal and provides the wines.  We will need these volunteers or the group will not have many events!

Group members sign up for a spot in the dinner and pay their share of the costs of the meal and wine.

We hope to be able to have 6 - 12 dinner events per year.


Group Details

  • There will be a $20 yearly fee (payable April 1) to remain a member of this group.  Some of this fee pays for the Meetup group expenses and the remainder will be raffled off to the hosts at the end of the year (you get one raffle ticket per event that you host).  If you join mid year, $15 is due for those joining from July 1 - Sep 30, $10 is due for those joining from Oct 1 - Dec 31, $5 is due for those joining from Jan 1 - Mar 31.
  • A cost for participating in a dinner event will typically be in the $35 - $70 range (includes food, wines and "tip" to host).  Most of the money will typically be paying for the wines as this includes fine wine, not cheap wine.  We are looking for wines to be served that are appropriate for a fine dining experience.  We are not expecting Screaming Eagle to be served.
  • A member interested in hosting an event will determine the events date/time, the number of participants allowed, the courses for the night, the wines being served, the dress code and the cost per participant.
  • The host of an event will not be responsible for making menu adjustments for individuals.  So, if you do not wish to have gluten in your meal, or if you are a vegetarian, then the host does not have to accommodate you.  You are free to skip the portion of the meal that does not meet your culinary requirements, but you will still pay the full price of the event.  If your diet is restrictive, you may want to consider a different group.
  • These will be non-smoking events!
  • A typical event will have a total of 6 - 12 participants.  The maximum number of participants is determined by the host for a given event.
  • Generally, hosts should aim for around 1/2+ bottle of wine per participant.  Therefore, an event with 8 participants would serve 4 or 5 different wines.
  • All participant are expected to arrive at the time designated by the host.
  • Guests will only be allowed with permission of the host.  Each guest will be charged $15 extra.
  • The host is responsible for coming up with a reasonable cost estimate for the food and wine.  This cost is divided among the participants.  Therefore, if the total food bill is $95 and the total wine bill is $200 and there are 8 participants (which included the host), then the cost per person is $295/8 = $36.88.  However, the host has done all of the work for the event, so a mandatory "tip" of 20% is added to each participants total.  Therefore, $36.88 + 20% = $44.26.  This is close enough to $45 that the host could put the cost per participant as $45.


Sample Event

Date: Saturday xx/xx/xx

Start Time:  xx:xx

Host Name: xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx

Host City: xxxx

Host Contact Number: xxx-xxx-xxxx

Cost to Participants: $40

Maximum Participants: 8

Dress Code: Cocktail Attire


Italian Feast

Antipasto - Assorted artisan cheeses - served with 2006 Iron Horse Brute "X" (sparkling wine)

Primo - Fresh handmade pasta with seafood - served with 2007 Oak Ridge Winery Silk Oak (Viognier)

Secondo - Italian Sausages with Peppers and Onions - served with 2003 Francesci Il Pagione (Sangiovese)

Contorno - Grilled Eggplant - served with 2007 Patrick Lesec Les Galets Blondes (Châteauneuf-du-Pape)

Dolce - Cannoli topped with chocolate - served with 2007 Hunt Country Ice Wine (Vidal)


Questions and Answers

Q: Why is there a fee to become a member?

A: There are multiple reasons for the fee.  First, most Meetups have far more "members" than "participants".  We want to have a social group that actually intends on participating in our dinners.  A fee discourages people who really have no intent to participate.  Second, there are fees associated with keeping this Meetup running.  These costs will be paid from the member fees.  Third, we want to encourage members to host dinners, since it is the hosts that will allow us all to participate in a fine dinner.  One encouragement that will be used for the hosts is to use the remaining fee money at the end of the year to hold a raffle.  Each host will get one ticket per event that they hosted.  This will allow hosts to pocket some extra cash at the end of the year.  The initial fee will be collected once the first event is ready to be posted (once we have enough members) - you will be notified of the exact date.


Q: Do I need to host events or can I just be a participant?

A: No, you do not need to host dinners.  However, we encourage people to become a host at some point as it is the Hosts that will keep this group going.  If there are no Hosts, there are no events to that we will be able to participate.


Q: Why do the typical dinners cost so much?

A: This group is intended to serve gourmet meals and fine wines.  A 2004 Mitolo GAM Shiraz cost me $90 to purchase, but it is rated 97 points from Wine Advocate, making it a wonderful wine to be serving.  This may be one of 4 or 5 wines poured in an evening.  Thus, the wines for a dinner may cost several hundred dollars which are spread across all of the participants.  This is a real bargain though as a restaurant might charge $250+ for the same bottle of Shiraz.  We understand that this price will not be affordable to everyone who finds this group, but for those who enjoy really fine dining, this is really affordable.


Q: Why doesn't the host accommodate my dietary restrictions?

A: Hosting an event is a time consuming task.  We can't expect the hosts to take additional time to make a special meal for a given participant.  This is not a restaurant.  If you see that a portion of the meal contains something that you do not wish to consume but you still want to attend, just don't eat that particular portion.  It would be polite to let the host know ahead of time.


Q: Why are the events non-smoking?

A: There are multiple reasons for this policy, but suffice it to say that my wife has asthma and smoke can be life threatening to her.  Even when she will not be attending a given event, it is important to have a consistent policy in place for all members. In addition, smoke affects the smell and taste of the food and wines being served. This policy will be enforced for all events.


Q: How many participants will be allowed for each event?

A: We are anticipating that a typical event will have 6 - 12 participants.  This range allows everyone to enjoy multiple wines with their meal.  In addition, each host will have a maximum capacity available for serving dinner.  Each host will determine what size group will be allowed at the event.


Q: How many wines will be served during the evening?

A: This is entirely up to the host, but as a general guideline, +-half a bottle per participant would be expected.  So an event with 8 participants may be serving 4 or 5 different wines.  An event with 12 participants may elect to double up on each bottle (getting two of the same Rioja as one bottle split between 12 is too little wine).  In this case, there may be a total of 8 bottles, but only 4 different wines.


Q: What if I am a great cook, but I need to know where to buy appropriate wines?

A: There are several options available to purchase fine wines.  Probably the best selection in Reno for wines is Total Wine (, but there are many smaller shops.  In addition, you can purchase wines online (e.g.,,,, and to name a few that we have personally used over the years). Then there are places that have specific wines available for short periods of time (hours to days), such as, and


Q: What if I want to become a Host, but I am not familiar with food and wine pairing?

A: Generally, pairing is fairly straight forward.  If you have a special food item that you want to serve at an event, then you will want to find a wine that pairs well with the dish.  However, if you have a special wine that you want to serve at an event, then it also works in the opposite way by finding a dish that pairs well with the wine.  To find appropriate pairings in both of the above cases, just Google it.  For example, if you are serving foie gras then Google "foie gras wine pairing" and you will see several suggestions including Sauternes, vintage Champagne and Chardonnay. Another example would be if you wanted to serve a special Châteauneuf-du-Pape, then Google "Chateauneuf-du-Pape food pairing" and you will find many suggestions including beef estouffade, roast duck and grilled venison.


Q: Why are guests charges $15?

A: Again, this question has multiple reasons.  First, part of our intentions for this group is to socialize.  While guests are nice, they should not be an everyday occurrence.  Second, we want to encourage people to become a member.  If there was not charge, they would have no reason to become a member and pay the yearly $20 fee.  Third, we understand that there may be situations where a special guest of a member wants to participate, so we do have this policy to allow this to happen.


Q: Why do the hosts get a 20% "tip" from each participant?

A: The host will be doing a tremendous amount of work for an event.  This is our way thanking the host for putting the event together.  If you were going to a restaurant you would be tipping that amount anyway.  If you think that the "tip" is a great deal for the host, we encourage you to put together an event yourself.


Q: How do I pay for an event that I am interested in attending?

A: Basically, the event host will arrange for payment.  Some hosts may want a check sent to them, others may have a PayPal account, and others may allow you to pay at the door.  This is up to the individual hosts.


Q: What if I change my mind about an event after I paid?

A: The hosts can decide on an appropriate action.  If the host has a waiting list, then you should get you money back.  However, if the supplies have been purchased and there is no replacement participant, the host will most likely not allow a refund.


Q: How does the host come up with the participant cost?

A: The host will put together the special menu for the evening.  The host will need to estimate the cost of food ingredients as closely as possible.  We know that it will not be exact, but it will be close enough.  For a typical event, the wine will cost the host much more than the food ingredients.  Some hosts will already have the wines, so the exact cost will be known.  Other wines on the menu may have to be purchased after the event is posted.  In this case, the host could get an estimate of the wine cost by contacting Total Wine or other wine establishment.  The bottom line is that the host is to make a reasonable effort to come up with the approximate out of pocket expenses for the meal.


Q: Why is there a Dress Code?

A: The Dress Code is established by the Host for each event.  We envision that most events will be casual, business casual or cocktail attire.  These categories allow all participants to have the same expectations for the appropriate evening clothing.


Q: What if an item on the menu changes after I pay to participate in the event?

A: The hosts will need to make a reasonable attempt to keep the menu the same as posted.  However, a key ingredient may be unavailable the week of the dinner, or a specific wine may be lost in the cellar.  In these cases, the host should make appropriate menu changes and notify the participants of the changes.  These changes will not constitute a reason to get a refund from the host.


Q: How does the yearly Host raffle work?

A: In order to encourage members to host events and to thank them for doing so, a raffle will be help solely for Hosts.  At the end of the the yearly membership period, excess funds received will be raffled to the Hosts.  Each member who hosted an event during the year will get one raffle ticket for each event hosted.  A ticket will be randomly drawn and will receive 60% of the excess funds.  A second ticket will then be randomly drawn and this winner will receive 40% of the excess funds.  The first winner is not eligible to win on the second drawing, thus we will have two different Host winners each year.


Still have questions? Just click on the "contact the Organizer(s)" link at the top of this page and we will be able to get back to you.

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