RE: New Meetup: The role of Shame in society

From: Douglas Morris
Sent on: Monday, July 30, 2012 1:47 PM
I find the glorification of shame as an all-purpose social remedy to be a menace to rationalism, freedom, and civilization. The geography of Japan, a small crowded island next to the great China, required the isolated Japanese to be on the same page to survive as isolated Japanese. Isolated peoples have been conquered innumerable times, which I would guess is the norm. Maybe the Japanese are relatively great for other reasons than shame-based collectivism, but how great is that greatness? They are serfs to the IMF just like everybody else. I don't presume or admit that subservience to the collective translates to success because it can't by definition and it never has. Globalist financial engineering makes communism and socialism merely look viable at the expense of foreign producer peons who pay the bill through deficit spending by their direct government or through gamed private 'investment'.

Collectivism will not translate successfully to the whole world unless the goal is a global totalitarian surveillance state. I am not enamored with the choices of Japanese exhibit A and American exhibit B. We can do better with all-purpose failure than with all-purpose shame because to indefinitely subsidize failure is contrary to nature and existence. Let banks fail. Let welfare moms fail. Let someone succeed by their own efforts and enrich the future with their expanded presence. To think shame can eliminate failure cleansing and keep everyone happy with everyone is to support post-nanny state totalitarian government. Shaming language is part of the Fabian conquest culture:

If you disagree with me, you are a close-minded, collectivist bigot coward afraid of the white heritage values that elevated humanity to the modernity you take for granted and afraid to expose your own worth to the light of day; you watch too much tell-a-vision and recoil at the thought of having an unapproved thought; and you are out of touch with your masculine side that would make you loveable after the honeymoon, which is why you prefer mental one night stands with a parade of transient, nondescript partners. I say that only because I care about you and want us all to get along, a condition which everywhere in the universe but on earth apparently has requisite material requirements which weak emotions do not address so be like me or be ashamed of yourself in the spirit of our infinite fellowship. <3

--Sir Doug, His Excellency the Czar of RightThink* (R).

*RightThink is a registered trademark of the New World Order in a registry far, far away, and you can't prove it's not true, so there. Restrictions apply. Batteries not included. Not to be used with incandescent light bulbs, baby formula, or sugary drinks. These limitations on your rights vary from state to state of mind and with political expedience. You might deserve a house if you are pathetic looking so pout and target achievers maligned by public sentiments with internal guilt if naive and, failing that, populist reprisal if unduly perspicacious and recalcitrant.

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Subject: New Meetup: The role of Shame in society
Date: Sun, 29 Jul 2012 21:51:27 -0400

New Meetup
Greenville Intelligent Discussions Group
Added by Thomas Ledbetter
Wednesday, August 8, 2012
7:00 PM
Earth Fare The Healthy Supermarket- Community Room
3620 Pelham Road
Greenville, SC 29615
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Japan has been called "a shame based society".  The pressure to conform to accepted societal roles is enormous, and the backbone of how this nation of 128 million gets along so well.  A popular saying is "deru kui wa utateru" or "the standing nai...
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