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Yoga Nidra and Your Sankalpa

Sankalpa means resolution, specifically, a spiritual resolution and is made in conjunction with the practice of Yoga Nidra. This short article explains briefly what Yoga Nidra is about as well as the resolution you can make during Yoga Nidra.

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Asmita - Gates Day 119a

Asmita (ego) is the second of the kleshas, or the five afflictions, which leave us in a spiritual darkness. Asmita convinces us that we individually are important thus creating separation between ourselves and others.

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Avidya-Spiritual Ignorance

Spiritual ignorance (avidya) is the source of our misalignment with the universe. If we can overcome this "ignoring" of Truth, we can find ourselves more accurately aligned and begin moving beyond the our pain and suffering.

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Meditations--The 5 Kleshas

The 5 kleshas are considered by yoga to be the source of our problems in this life. Read what Rolf Gates has to say about the kleshas.

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The Practice of Surrender

Yoga teacher Shiva Rea writes in this Yoga Journal article on the Practice of Surrender, that the practice of surrendering to your higher power is the practice of opening up to the big picture.

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Contentment means contentment, and is one of Patanjali's steps toward establishing a right relationship toward and within ourselves as we move toward union with our Higher Power.

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Donna Farhi's comments on tapas.

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Google's mindful alert for June 10, 2014 -- posted just to give you an idea of what's going in the world relative to mindfulness.

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Tapas is the niyama that urges us to practice with commitment and enthusiasm.

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Aparigraha – Non-Grasping

Donna Farhi, one of my favorite expounders of yoga philosophy, talks about non-hoarding as it applies to our spiritual journey.

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Slippery Slope--Hoarding and Attachment

Some additional thoughts on non-hoarding and how hoarding and attachments keeps us from moving forward.

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Basic Yoga Poses

Images of basic yoga postures that can be used in preparation for meditation.

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Brahmacharya is the fourth Yama, those rules of living that help us cultivate good relationships with our fellows. Brahmacharya is often translated as chastity, but might be better understood as continence.

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Non-stealing is the third Yama (yamas are instructions for getting ourselves right with our fellows).

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Satya-day 27-MftM

Living your truth: the goal of Satya (truth), the second yama.

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This article describes what meditation is about, the physical aspects (how to sit, to breathe, etc.). If you are new, or relatively new, to meditation, spend time reading this.

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Satya-day 24-MftM

Satya (truth) is learning how to begin to dissolve barriers between yourself and others and to live without pretense

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Satya (truth) is the second of the Yamas. The first Yama, ahimsa (non-harming) grounds us in love, satya (truth) grounds our relationships in honesty. These two work together and cannot be considered separately.

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Ahimsa-Letting go of I, me, mine-MftM

Rolf Gates talking about dissolving the boundaries we create between ourselves and others.

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Rolf Gates talks about ahimsa and how violence of all kinds creates separations between ourselves and other beings.

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The first of Yoga's Yamas, or suggestions on how to get right with the world. Ahimsa deals with kindness to all beings, yourself included.

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For Spanish speakers who are interested in learning more about y

Spanish language translations of many of the articles on yoga and meditation originally written by Swami Jnaneshvara Bharati.

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Breath Exercises Pranayama

This document describes the various breaths we use in preparation for meditation.

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A Vision for the World

Gratitude is thinking in tune with the cosmic intelligence that inspires us in grateful moments. It can change more that a mood; it can change the world.

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A Basic Approach to Human Happiness Part I

What could be more important than such a "basic human" approach at a time when the very survival of the human race depends on shared values and action?

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