Hi HKBOers, please contribute your ideas for our coming meetup to be scheduled in February

From: Terry T.
Sent on: Thursday, January 15, 2009 11:54 PM
Hi everybody,

First, a big thank you for opening the email! Please spend 2 minutes to read the rest of it.

Happy new year! This is Terry, the organizer of HKBO. I'd like to take this opportunity to invite you to contribute your ideas for our coming meetup scheduled in February (which will be announced later).

More specifically, I'd like to gather your ideas on the following:
1. Topic: what would you like to see, discuss, or have for the coming meetup?

2. Format: how should our next meetup be conducted: casual chat, seminar, dinner? or should we invite some guest speakers to the meetup? if so, who would you like to meet?
(don't underestimate our capability to reach and invite some interesting people)

The following 2 items are easy (priority will be given to those members who speak first):
3. Place: where would you like to meet?
(I have noticed that some members won't come to the meetup if it's not scheduled on HK island, If so, please let me know explicitly so that I may make better arrangement.)

4. Date and Time: which day of the week would you prefer, and at what time?
(hopefully we will pick a date and time that suits around at least 10 people, minus those who don't show up, we will still have enough people to make the meetup a worthwhile social event for your life outside of work.)

The following 2 items are some organizational issues:
5. Frequency: should our meetup be monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly?

6. Leaders wanted: anybody interested in becoming a co-organizer in this group?
(by that I mean, whether you would be interested in becoming a co-organizer so that for example, I may hold a meetup in the first-half of the month and you may hold a meetup in the second-half of the month, with different topics/interests. That way, we may make it a more frequent event and hopefully can stimulate the participation of the members in the group. Say, if you can't catch the meetup (or not interested) in the first-half of the month, you may go to the one in the second-half. Due to the limited time and energy of a single person, I can't make this happen just by myself.)

Some of our members have suggested that we should have a specific topic for each meetup so that the discussions will be more interesting and focused. I am asking for your help to contribute your ideas for topics. We have over 80 subscribed members, there bound to be some brilliant ideas coming from you!

From what we have achieved in the past meetups, I think now it's time to reform it. Your participation is crucial in this important step.

I have noticed that in December and January, we had quite a few new members joined the group. Welcome! And please contribute your ideas. To all members: your idea will not only benefit the rest of the group, but more importantly, yourself. I guess one of the reasons you choose to join this group is because you want to spend some meaningful time with someone who share some common interests with you, right? But to give meaning to the membership and your time, your participation is the only thing that really matters.

I truly appreciate your idea; any idea is indefinitely many times better than 0 idea. If I don't hear from anyone of you (if that's really the case, I will be disappointed), I will still schedule the next meetup and make all the decisions by myself. We can still keep the meetup alive and ongoing, but I guess there won't be a lot of meaning in it. This is a community group which I happen to be organizer, but please remember, a community is a community only if the people in it take ownership of it; an organizer is an organizer only if he can talk to his community and get feedback from its people.

Thank you for your time. I look forward to your ideas, soon.

Have a nice weekend,

Email: [address removed]

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