Round 1 Summary

From: Jonathan B.
Sent on: Thursday, May 2, 2013 4:18 PM

# Boulder Hack and Tell - Round 1 Summary

Thanks to all who came out to Round 1 (and especially to those who spoke)! We had four presenters (and incidentally 4 different programming languages).
Also, thanks to Viget for hosting us.

## Projects

### John Dennison
John showed off some snazzy graphs and R code that demonstrated [Benford's Law]('s_law) on real data. Note to possible future data fakers presenting at Hack and Tell: John will call you out if you don't have enough 1's in your data.

- [Interactive slides](

### Patrick Reagan

Tired of all the language wars between python, ruby, etc? Go back to basics like Patrick did and write something in C. He's working on a web server.

- [bode webserver](bode:

### Ryan Cook

In the most mind warping presentation of the night, Ryan Cook is working on a submission for [Ruby Trick 2013]( He's writing a ruby program that takes some ascii art and another program as input, and then will output the existing code restructured so the source looks like the ascii art, but it also prints itself out when run. (Hopefully I got that right).

- [sig](

### Jonathan Beluch

Showed off a website for exploring [XBMC]( addons written with python/flask.

- [XBMC Addon Browser](

- [github](

## Announcements

### Round 2

Same place (Viget) on June 4th at 6pm. [RSVP](

Plenty of time to start a new project!


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