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Bored of doing the same old thing? Want to spice up your social life? You joined this Meet Up to meet people so plan to get off your sofa and do just that. We'll plan a few events per month to keep you on your toes and the rest is up to you - you have to attend them!!

We welcome suggestions for events and if you're interested in taking a leadership role please let us know as there is always room for co-organizers. The goal here is to have fun and try new things with new people. Positive attitudes are the only prerequisite!

The club is a social club and as with any social environment you will get out of it what you put into it. We encourage our members to interact and exchange contact information for get togethers outside of our structured activities and we provide members with a group message board to help facilitate this. In saying this, it should be noted that we discourage the 'clique' type of school yard relationships that we all dreaded as teenagers - we're adults here and Hangin' OUT expects an inclusive environment for all.

Hangin' OUT is based on anti-oppressive and anti-discriminatory principles and we will not tolerate harassment or discrimination of any type towards any member of the group or the community we engage in. If a member is engaging in harassing / discriminating behaviors they will be reported to Meet Up and will be permanently banned from this group.

As members of an anti-oppressive anti-discriminatory community you can actively participate in maintaining a safe environment for all by not engaging in negative banter AND addressing people who do, letting them know that such behavior is not welcomed in this environment.

The club attracts positive spirited people who are looking to expand their social networks and to try new things in a safe and welcoming environment. Negative spirited people do not find a place in the club and enforcement of our Meet Up Policies & Etiquette standards ensure that the club remains a warm and friendly place for all.

Check out our calendar, share resources and shake things up at bit. What are you waiting for? Sign up for an event today!

Just an quick etiquette note:

No Shows:
We ask our members to be respectful and keep their commitments when they RSVP for events as we make reservations in the community and want to maintain our reputation as well as respect our organizers time. The Meet Up system supports this by sending out reminders for events a few days prior to the event - giving you the opportunity to update your RSVP. Meet Up also tracks No Shows on our individual profiles. So if you're not able to make it to an event please be sure to update your response on the site as we (the organizers) are not able to update your RSVP for you and if you do not do this you will be flagged as a No Show for the event. Saying this, if you No Show to three events you will be automatically removed from the group. I trust you will all be respectful of this.

If you are removed for No Shows you are able to rejoin the group by contacting the group organizer. The group organizer can remove one of your No Show's which will allow you to rejoin the group, however, if you incur any further No Show's you will be removed from the group again and no longer able to rejoin. Again, we do this to ensure that everyone is being respected in the group and so that our group can remain current.

Group Inactivity:
If you have joined the group but have not been active on the site in a 6 month period you will be deleted from the group. Please do not take it personally if you do get deleted, it's merely a matter of group maintenance. We work hard to put up a variety of events for everyone to enjoy and we want to see you out there - not just be another email coming into your mailbox. To keep our group an active one we must keep our membership current. If you have been deleted and you later find yourself with time to get involved then we invite you back - but again, 6 months inactive and you'll find yourself taken off of the dormant list again.

We don't like to do this but in order for us to operate a functional group we need to implement guidelines to keep our group current. Now lets have some fun!

Inappropriate Content: Photos posted (profile or otherwise) of body parts, other then the face, posed in a sexualized manner are not appropriate for this site and member will be removed.

Scent Free Policy: In efforts to be respectful to all we ask that you do not wear perfumes / colognes / heavily scented products out to our events. I'm sure this isn't new to any of you, as most of us already work in environments which are scent free. But do you know why? Sometimes it helps us to comply with requests if we understand the reasons we're asked to do things. So, let me explain ... Allergies are the result of your immune system overreacting to relatively harmless substances. For example, you might breathe in some perfume chemicals, and your body thinks it’s under attack and launches a counterattack. In respiratory allergies, the long chain of events that follows results in a sniffling, sneezing, wheezing, coughing, red-eyed you. So to avoid having you or anyone else who comes out for a fun night feeling this way, we ask that you hold the spritz before you head out. Thank you in advance for your consideration and respect of others.

Car Pooling: We often get asked about car pooling to events. Just to clarify - we will offer opportunities for car pooling for out of town events but not within the GTA. We do plan our events to be TTC accessible and recommend using 'the better way'. When we do an out of town event we will ask those who can offer a ride to post this on their RSVP in advance and those who need a ride to do the same with your RSVP and don't forget to include your cross streets or part of town. Passengers will be responsible for contacting drivers directly to make pick up arrangements. Last minute RSVP's may not be able to be accommodated but we'll do our best. Passengers are asked (ok expected) to contribute to the transportation costs upon pick up and this amount will be pre-posted and dependent on the distance traveled - it is generally $10-$15. The driver should never have to ask for the fee and it is the passengers responsibility to provide this, in cash, to the driver upon pick up. Please be respectful of your driver and do not smoke in vehicles and buckle up for safety! biggrin

Suggested carpooling formula:

Total carpool cost: Short distances <75km: $0.25 * round trip km
Long distances >75km: $0.15 * round trip km
Total carpool cost : $0.05*km wear and tear cost + (Fill the tank after the event ($)-Fill the tank before the event ($))

$ cost per passenger: Total carpool cost/total number of passengers+ allocation of parking fees

Disclaimer: This meetup group may engage in the consumption of alcoholic beverages at some events. The consumption of alcoholic beverages may impair one's judgments or actions to act responsibly. Any action deemed as harmful or threatening to another person (participating member or non-member) may result, but is not limited to dismissal from this meetup.com group or even punishable by law.

Hangin' OUT Meetup Group does not take any responsibility or liability for any individual's or group's actions.

Remember, we are ALL here to have a good time.


Please know that Google and other search engines crawl and record billions of public web pages, including Meetup.com. If you used your full name or other sensitive information in your Meetup profile, posted it on a message board, or used it on any public page on the Meetup site, search engines can see it. This is true of any public website.

If clicking on a link from the search results takes you to a Meetup page that shows information you'd prefer didn't appear in the search results, you'll want to edit or remove that information from the Meetup site.

To change the way your name appears on Meetup or update your profile information, please visit:

Once the page with your information has been updated on Meetup, it's only a matter of time before the search results are updated as well. Google and other search engines should update their memory of those pages the next time they crawl the Meetup site, which is usually within 30 days.

If the Google search results are linking to a Meetup page that no longer exists at all, you can contact Google directly and ask them to remove the link from their search results.

You can get directions for contacting Google to remove a cached page here:

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