Jason K.


Los Angeles, CA
Hometown: Los Angeles

Member since:

March 27, 2014


In 5 words tell us who you are!

Spiritual, Philosophical, Intellectual, Scientific Gamer

PC all the way? or Consoles galore?

I'd rather PC, but some games are better using console controllers.

What games are you playing right now?

LoL, NDS - Rune Factory 3, Playstation Series, Tales Series, RPGs, Xbox Tales Series, Mass Effect Series, RPGs, Smart Phone Apps, card games, RTS games, management games. Trying to understand the game we play in real life...

What are your top 5 videogames?

1/6th of my life playing games, so... Tales series, Mass Effect Series, KOTOR Series, Rune Factory Series, Fallout series, Old school RPG series, Megaman & X series, GTA series, Elder Scroll Series... Sorry, I'm an RPG fan, I'm searching for the ultimate RPG that is as close to real life... I'd be a great asset in the game creation department if I was introduced to the right people who need to develop or create ideas for super epic RPG games. Like Elder Scrolls, Jade Empire, SW:KOTOR, Fallout, Shadowrun, Baldur's Gate... Except, I'm trying to create an RPG system that you can relate to the real world into a virtual world, except it will be the first virtual real life, with real life stats... Imagine wearing a full body suit with a full body monitoring biofeedback, that can be implemented into a virtual world for the creation of your RPG character. So, that people can actually meet a simulation of your real life self in reality... Like Sword Art Online.

Do you have any events you would like to see in the future?

I have no clue. I just live day by day. Not really expecting too much.


Introverted, Scientific, Spiritual, Researcher, Korean-American, Explorer, Adventurer, Meditative, Analyst, Philosophical, Observer. Gemini, Earth Dragon, Blood type B, INTP. Hobbies: Bitcoin, anime/games, forming relationships, loving communities.


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