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Welcome to Triangle Outdoor Adventures!

Sunrise, Myrtle Point, Great Smoky Mountains NP

Triangle Outdoor Adventures is a group of hard-core adventurers in the greater Triangle, NC area. Our backgrounds are diverse, but we have one thing in common: We work hard and play harder!

We seek high octane adventures. Safety and conforming to local regulations always come first, but after that anything is fair game. Some might say what we do is insane but sometimes it is the only way to visit a particular area! Our rewards include finding that secret swimming hole, photographing that elusive waterfall, or hiking in a area with more bears than people.

Neusiok Trail - near Pine Bluff

Some of our past adventures:

  • Biking the Swamp Fox Passage (24.0 miles, 2 days), Francis Marion National Forest, South Carolina
  • Backpacking Deep Creek, Great Smoky Mountains NP
  • Day Hiking the Neusiok Trail (23.6 miles, 1 day), Croatan National Forest, North Carolina
  • Backpacking Big Creek - Mt Sterling Loop (16.8 miles, 2 days) in the Great Smoky Mountains NP
  • Day Hiking Grandfather Mountain (9.0 miles, +/- 2400 feet elev, 1 day)
  • Bouldering and Scrambling down the Horsepasture Gorge (class II, III bouldering)
  • Kayaking the Lower Haw River (class II, III whitewater)

These are NOT leisurely activities!

Schoolhouse Falls - Panthertown Valley - Nantahala NF

Is this group right for you?

  • Are you willing and physically able to do a 10+ mile DAY hike in the North Carolina mountains, leaving and returning to the Triangle area in the same day?
  • Are you willing to backpack in various weather conditions (including rainy weather, and below freezing temperatures?
  • Are you able to distinguish between adverse conditions and DANGEROUS conditions (in which case we will cancel or reschedule an adventure)?
  • Are you comfortable AND proficient in reading topographical maps, have the ability to navigate with a map and compass, and have excellent route finding skills in Wilderness areas where trails are unmaintained?
  • Are you flexible enough not to be disappointed when plans and destinations change due to uncontrolled forces such as weather?
  • Are you willing to stay with the group under ALL circumstances, even if it means turning around and/or aborting the activity and not proceeding on your own?
  • Do you have a good understanding and assessment of your own limitations and abilities?
  • Are you reliable?

If you answered yes to all the above questions, this group might be a good fit for you.

We are a collective of some of the Triangle's most experienced outdoor enthusiasts. The group's safety and success depends on EACH participant contributing equally. Reliability is probably the MOST IMPORTANT factor in whether an application is approved. If a member drops out on a backpacking trip at the last minute, it jeopardizes the entire trip planning process (including supply planning and carpooling)!

Triangle Outdoor Adventure members are required to submit the following information: Your full name, contact number, a reliable and dependable e-mail address, and zip code where you live. This information is kept private and is used for the sole purpose of contacting individuals for event planning.

Butterfly on Thistle - Art Loeb Trail III - Cold Mountain, NC

Great! I'm still interested and am up for the challenge. How to I join? If we don't know you in person, you won't get the invitation code to this group. You will have to come out to THOG events and get one of the organizers for TOA to vouch for you. They will be able to provide the invitation code. Yes, you have to jump through hoops to get into TOA. This is our way of separating out those who are serious participants vs those who just want the prestige of membership. It may not seem fair, but any serious adventurer who has organized outings will agree with this policy. There are at least 10 other hiking/outdoor groups in the Triangle area on Meetup with open membership, so there are other options.

You may write us, but due to the volume of Meetup related messages, we apologize in advance if we do not respond to individual e-mails. Intelligent, thoughtful and well written e-mails are more likely to get a response. Rude, condensending and moronic e-mail will be mocked on the message boards for our amusement and entertainment.

Updated November 01, 2009
TOA membership is closed. All TOA activities are now posted on Triangle Hiking and Outdoors Group. You will NOT receive a response to any e-mails sent soliciting any information on this group.

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