Important Information About Each Hike

Please be aware of our group rating system. We require a 5-star rating or no rating. Read why.

Our activities are supposed to be fun. Nasty, belligerent, combative, critical, and mean words or behavior are not acceptable.

Summary of all rules: Be considerate and cooperative. Assume you are hiking with one other person. More.

New Members and Others: Be aware of our no-show policy: No-Show Policy[/url].

How to find the meeting place without getting lost. Go

If you are late to an event, do not expect us to wait for you. Read this.

Plan for the event to take an extra hour, so you can enjoy the event. Read this.

Are you in shape to enjoy this hike? Read this.

On the trail, it is your responsibility to stay with the group, not vice-versa: the 5 -yard rule. Read this.

If you need to leave the hike early, you must say something to the leader. More.

Follow, do not lead. Do not irresponsibly walk in front of the leader. Read this.

Unless you have special knowledge of an area, keep advice as to what trail to take or what direction to travel to yourself. Since we are explorers, not just hikers, there are options as to which way to go on every hike. More

BE PREPARED. Wear hiking shoes and long pants. I hate bushwhacking in messy areas because I scatch easily. However, sometimes trees fall down or the best option is 50 yards of messy bushwhacking rather than going 1-2 miles out of the way, or skipping a nice part of the hike.

Pay the event fee ($3 for 2014) as soon as you arrive with the correct change so we can quickly start. Those who do not pay at the event will be removed from the group. You are also responsible for your guests. We've had members bring guests who refuse to pay.

You can pay a one time calendar year fee ($12 for 2014) or family calendar year fee ($18 for 2014). Family members must live at the same address. Details.

Potlucks. Bring some great food and drink. More

There is only one main group at Hiking Around Philly. Events are open to each member. It's improper to organize members for a conflicting event or another group during hikes. When I'm with another group, I will never even mention that I have a group. Unfortunately, too many people know and ask, so I give the briefest replies possible. I feel it's unethical for me to talk about my group when I'm with another group.

If the weather is iffy I'll email those who RSVP'D within 2 days of event. More About Weather. I use the very accurate US Weather Service Forecast.

YES is the only RSVP; No NO rsvps. Leave a Comment for MAYBE Rsvp's. It's always okay to just show up, if you are not in a position to rsvp.Read this.[/url]

DO NOT comment on the website about the weather, traffic, mistakes in the write up, or your RSVP. I want verified information on the site, not conflicting info from 3 different individuals. I would appreciate that you email me directly at , so I can verify, correct, post and/or email the group with your information.

Do not try to contact me through 'comments' or 'greetings'. Contact me through direct email via the link on the left of each page. A link is next to my photo.

If I take the time to personally contact you via email with a question, then you are expected to respond. Non-responders may be removed from the group. This includes people who block or do not have an email address.

Eating out. Bring cash. Credit cards can be problematic. Figure out your own bill. More.

Summary of all rules: Be considerate and cooperative.

Hiking tips: a)Winter Hiking b) Clothing All Seasons c)Footwear d)Water Water Water

About Ticks & Prevent Lyme Disease:Go.

Please read the Doggy Page before bringing Fido.

Additional information can be found at: the hard to find Table of Contents for Pages and at Files under the More menu.

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Food Etiquette at Eating Events July 13, 2013 9:13 AM Sidney G
Heat and Exercise July 1, 2013 10:42 AM Sidney G
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Health And Exercise May 9, 2012 4:55 PM Sidney G
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