WELCOME to my  guest list, to enjoy being with others at Potlucks, Dining Out, and other events-- with people who are interested in learning what proper statistical  studies can teach us about nurturing our HOLISTIC Diet, Health, Happiness, & Quality Relationships. Countless studies indicate Happiness is most nurtured by--


- Do not allow into your mouth or kitchen the toxins in supermarket foods, and only allow "toxins free" foods,

- Perhaps choose >=70% of the food weight as vegetable matter as recommended by LEF.org.,

- Perhaps choose mostly or all RAW as theorized to be better for health.

Clean toxin free food is served at our Potlucks and Dinings Out in restaurants, as Certified Organic which means free of GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms as in "Roundup Ready") and free of other toxins like herbicides (Roundup), pesticides, hormones, radioactivity, mercury, etc. The remainder of the diet might be untainted animal products such as organic eggs, poultry, Alaskan wild salmon or sardines or kippers (not farm raised), or grass fed meats free of hormones or GMOs in non organic feeds.  Also, according to some theories, one portion of the population needs a high consumption of meat protein (perhaps related to one's genetics).

+ quality loving relationships with your self and partner(s)- We currently are viewing 8 Positive Psychologists instructional videos to self-program the subconscious for Compassion on 1st Mondays of each month.  We also view classes of Eckhart Tolle's foundational principles, which greatly improve the mind state for better relationships, as well as one's personal happiness.  Plus we plan to conduct 6 singles and couples workshops utilizing books, videos, the $70 therapist book, and a $170 video course I purchased.

+ frequent love climaxes (shared or single), to be presented in the Integrate Nutrition Program, by our HOLISTICS Researcher

+ sufficient financial survival (at least above the basic needs), helped by our book study of "Think And Grow Rich", and more to come

+ life in a "Flow" process of achieving what an individual is capable of, in continual satisfied delight & contentment

+ Topics proven by numerous "Positive Psychology" studies.

Following is our current variety of meetings offerings supporting your nurturing HOLISTIC Health, Happiness, & Quality Relationships.

. RAW Foods Potlucks & Videos, to learn about "Why some think RAW is best food", "Minimizing Organics costs", fermentation, sprouting, etc. currently usually scheduled on 3rd Sundays monthly in the beautiful Community Room at Earth Fare (no GMOs or HFCS, harmful growth hormones in the store)

===Relationship Guidance Movies===-

Building Long Term Relationship Compassion- is intended to restart 1st  Mondays 6 pm. May 2014. The heart of a long term relationship is compassion, the fruit of empathy, and can be programmed by yourself.  Learn from 7 psychologist's movies how this is done, by attending our meetings.

Discussions of and viewing ECKHART TOLLE & Oprah's webcasts, viewed by 35 MILLION people, the largest viewed webcast and spiritual event in history. Eckhart is #1 on "Spiritual Power List 100", & Oprah is #8. Oprah is the 8th richest woman in the world and calls his book the most important she's ever chosen for her book club's 70 choices. Videos are intended to restart May 2014.

We discuss how most any person or church can use the principles presented by Eckhart, along with meditation, resulting in properly documented statistical success far beyond most all New Age or traditional Psychotherapists or Doctors, usually at least -70% anxiety,-50% depression relapse, +50% 5 months's insomnia recovery, -44% medical symptoms, +400% accelerated Psoriasis healing, and many many more to be discussed in future meetings.

"Cut Relationship Breakup Rates By 50%"- 4 Movies- beginning ?2014? , Based on studies of 2,000 couples, summarized in 4 meetings.  "Toxic Flaws" predictive of unsuitability for a long term relationship will also be presented, as well as lie detection, and sociopath/psychopath detection.

===Roundup & GMOs Videos===

-"Genetic Roulette"- Never-Before-Seen-Evidence points to genetically engineered foods as a major contributor to rising disease rates in the US population, especially among children. Gastrointestinal disorders, allergies, inflammatory diseases, and infertility are just some of the problems implicated in humans, pets, livestock, and lab animals that eat genetically modified soybeans and corn.

"Roundup herbicide on your corn and soy causes 14 major diseases", and "GMO Roundup Ready corn in the diet caused a 240% increase in female breast cancer."

PRIOR REIKI SHARING SESSIONS will perhaps be restarted to  provide the  experience of a guided meditation and a demonstration of Reiki on each participant. Through this session you will feel more relaxed and anxiety will be reduced.

Reiki Instructor Ashley Galloway- We are thankful to have an excellent Reiki Instructor who conducted a Reiki Master Level class September 16.


RELATIONSHIPS- Since many studies present statistics that quality stable relationships are one of the primary determinants of happiness, our HOLISTICS members are interested to learn which relationship guidance methods, in a weekend couples course, boasts graduates having a 50% lower couples breakup rate within 3 years, than any other relationship system ($75 Therpist book reference).  Until our meetings discussions on the subjects, I do not want to give away the successful secrets   However, to stimulate your curiosity, here I will disclose what systems were statistically tested that do not reduce breakup more significantly than the averages of other systems. And I have bought the books from all these systems. The system with 50% fewer breakups is not Harville Hendrix's "Getting the Love you Want" as some local psychotherapists and churches preach, although attentive listening is recommended always.  It is not Depak Choprah's "The Path To Love", nor the "Course in Miracles" as supposedly "channeled from ?Jesus? and then heavily edited by a psychologist.  And not "Men are From Mars and Women from Venus" by John Grey, and not the many more systems lacking statistical success evidence.

Following is my brief hypothetical summary for the couples and singles in our group, blending the succesful studies as pertains to relationships. If you and I think we are compatible and perhaps going to be long term friends or lovers, studies predictive of a long relationship suggest we should maintain a kind friendliness while discussing the differences of opinion we have between us, with a minimum of emotional inflammation upset.  An inability to do so by one person strongly suggests we should discuss what the expert's studies suggest, to see if we each and both can improve our behaviors.  ANd if you do not want to, then perhaps you or I are very likely better off not being together, thereby freeing us both to look elsewhere. Studies show that 70% of all relationship gridlocked differences will stay gridlocked for the rest of the relationship. If we are wise, we both know that we will not agree on all ideas, that many of our differences are just emotional clingings to individual differing stories or distorted concepts about the same experiences, and perhaps emotionally charged with ego.  Also it wise to know that statistical studies are usually truth, and not stories (however many drug companies studies are stories/lies).  The studies show multiple ways to cope with differences, to realize that if we choose to be partners then the experience we create together "before words" in stillness is really what we share and are, and is of value,-- before words, concepts, and emotionally charged stories (you can  read Tolle about this). If we migrate together towards experiencing and "being" "before words" for each and both of us, it usually dissipates the negative emotions and fixations, as discovered rigorously and statistically in sociology studies.  Essentially we emote and express more without the words, without the stories, and without the reactivity to reactivity.  However, this state "before words" does not ignore also watching out for liers, sociopaths, control freaks, bullys, DOMs,  rudeness, and trouble makers.

Let us enjoy together the time we share, at least partially guided by statistics  of studies showing "what works", while also being aware and alert to "what does not work", so as to experience greatly improved health, longevity, and happiness, without clinging to toxic habits or any horrific emotional charges from our past(s).

NATURALISM- In this invitation population we are seeking to apply the logic and principles of statistical evidence based Naturalism (defined by Wikipedia).  We conducted education about Naturalism in a weekly study group about the book "Sense and Goodness" (see Wikipedia, but I suggest you omit the discussion about God for now, since I am very tired of hearing decades of attacks from both sides, and find the arguers trivial.  Most important, you can still experience the wonderousness of the universe like primitive cultures did, regardless of what they want to call it or argue about it, or what various minister's or group's beliefs are being pushed on you, or how much of a generous donation of money, time, or "other" is expected of you.  I'd rather spend the time in a Mindful state experiencing life rather than waste time on their theories.

One of the most important results of our Naturalism logic, is realizing that most wondrous effects and experiences causing cherished feelings of awe and reverence, can be attributed to Natural causes, rather than an imagined supernatural ofr concept like God.  World history shows that evolutionary Naturalism explanations have replaced supernatural in understanding fire, rain, air, earth, water, ice, steam, clouds, sun, stars, light, lightning, electricity, magnetism, plants, emotions & hormones, Darwin's evolution of creatures, the computer and internet I communicate to you with, and thousands more.

In addition, the healing effects associated with belief and placebos also often have statistical evidence with Naturalism explanations, rather than supernatural beliefs.  If you believe in supernatural explanations, that is ok with our group, and we are pleased to have you conduct or attend meetings, so long as before describing the cause of a particular method's health benefits, you or another attendee (or me) must provide the plausible Naturalism explanation, before presenting any supernatural ideas during a meeting's agenda.  That might be as simple as, a statistically significant number of people felt better, IN COMPARISON TO A PROPER PLACEBO.

2011 was a record year for us with an average of 3 meetings per month (600% increase), & attendance 60% higher than when reorganized in 05/2009. Reorganization in 04/2012 to focus discussions toward Happiness & Relationships further increased our new member join rate per month by 446% compared to 2011. The greatest benefits come from synergism of a HOLISTIC blend of-- spiritual psychology (such as meditation & Eckhart Tolle), relationships wisdom, positive psychology, affordable Organic toxin free & NON-GMO diet (mostly RAW), exercise, supplements for longevity & maintenance & health concern healing protocols, cognitive therapy, heart/brain coherence biofeedback, and evidence based Naturalism philosophy to filter "thought pollutants" out of our subconscious.

MBSR- Dr Zinn trained hospital clinicians across America for 20 years, about MBSR- Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction. MBSR achieved results of reducing chronic pain by 40% - AFTER patients received comparative therapy placebos by Dr.s, Pharmacists, Therapists, massage, & chiropractic. Psoriasis patients listening to similar CD's, accelerated healing 400%, compared to placebo of light booth alone.  In one early inner-city trial (in Meriden, Connecticut), participants’ anxiety levels fell by 70 percent after they took the course. Their reported medical symptoms also reduced by 44 percent, and they visited their doctors much less often.

MINDFULNESS MEDITATION- MBSR precursor methods, are simplified by Americans trained in Mindfulness Meditation integrated into Cognitive Therapy, with paths to achieve happiness, calm, love, stability, etc. I suggest separate sessions with retreat talks CDs.  I have studied 120 CD's since 2008, & an advanced course in Mindfulness Meditation Jahnas practices.

HEART MATH, invested two decades of research in biofeedback measuring of heart, brain, & body signals. They concluded "heart coherence" is the primary statistically measurable electrical pattern of health, and can be graphed on a PC screen. High School Students with low Math SAT scores, increased their performance significantly more from biofeedback, than from a personal tutors (placebo).  Our group has access to the biofeedback small hand held unit & the hardware/software for computers.

EXERCISE- As prior organizer and cofounder also for GREENVILLE WALKS and HIKING meetups, I invite you to join their events.

SUPPLEMENTS- Perhaps of greatest scarcity is the little known knowledge from LEF.org- of how to select supplements for balancing body hormones & blood chemistry values into "ideal ranges" of a 29 year old, to reverse or prevent disease such as heart disease, provide optimum vigor, and extend life expectancy. ALL of our topics are directly or indirectly supported by LEF.org 145 "Health Concerns Protocols", summarized from 5,000 studies, and/or proper studies from other sources.  Discussions are suitable for people just beginning holistic medicine.

The selection of best supplements have already been chosen for 145 health concerns, based on "statistically significant" medical studies results, after subtracting the placebo effect. There are many benefits of supplements which are impractical to achieve by a toxin free diet alone, as discussed in the 145 free LEF "Health Concerns" protocols. For example, based upon statistical studies there are 6 supplements which mimic the very significant longevity effects of Calorie Restriction, and enable you to get similar results, without the very unpleasant experience of eating a lot less food.  Also, as described in the LEF "Health Concerns Protocols", supplements can be used to prevent or reverse the 14 major diseases linked to Chronic Inflammation which we all face as we age, such as arthritis, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, chronic pain etc.  Another example is that supplements can radically alter the sugar chemistry and therefore reverse the cause of diabetes.  And there are probably over 100 other examples where diet will help, but cannot do what supplements do.

REIKI AND HEALING TOUCH, with 5 statistical studies so far, is one of our newest additions, with our first Reiki Share 06/07/2012.  The most impressive study reports a hospital cost savings for cardiac patients of half a million dollars per year, due to a shortened length of stay and a significant decrease in anxiety in all subjects in the Healing Touch group.  Healing Touch services were also expanded at the hospital and currently 90% of all cardiac patients take advantage of the program.  ///  Significant Pain Reduction from 839 Healing Touch treatments on more than 400 clients at the Healing Touch Center of Farmington Hills over a two-year period. Analysis revealed a significant decrease in reported pain, and significant increase in energy flow as measured by practitioner assessment. ///  Significant Satisfaction Increases at the Cancer  Wellness Center for 43 participants, reported that the Healing Touch improved relaxation (98%); improved sense of well-being (92%); provided a positive change in energy (87%); decreased pain (85%); decreased side effects of cancer treatments (77%); improved sense of control (75%); and improved interpersonal relationships (63%).  ///  Significant Depression Reduction for Healing Touch Patients, compared to the no treatment group, in 39 cases of moderate to severe depression.  The treatment group had their level of depression retested one month after completion of their sessions and continued to be less depressed than before they began the study.

"TOPICS CRITERIA- It is easier to define what is excluded.  The general rule is NO DISCUSSION AT ALL- OF TOPICS LACKING PROPER STATISTICAL EVIDENCE OF STUDIES, AND NOT ARTICLES The health topics portion of the meetings, discussions, books, and message board generally follow the largest internet free collection of integrated medicine "health protocols", developed from many thousands of proper studies over 30 years, as assembled by LEF.ORG.  Their 30 year track record appears to me as far superior to the combined records of the FDA, CDC, MAYO CLINIC, and all others on the planet.  Their impeccable 32 year track record is readable at http://www.lef.org/about/lef-scientific-achievements-in-health-and-longevity_01.htm If you disagree please send the organizer an email with links so that the new information can be added to our group programs.

For supplements, books, discussion topics, & practices not approved by LEF.ORG, before spending any time discussing them with members, please email studies of larger than small populations, to the organizer for consideration. All violators of this simple principle have been warned, and/or canceled as speakers.  ANY further conflict or objection will not be tolerated, and have resulted in deleting the members from & blocking from rejoining this invitation list, as well as being fully reported to meetup headquarters, along with copies of all emails and incident descriptions, for legal purposes.

Our subjects criteria has been experimentally modified since 04/2012 and now includes the possibility of co-presenting Naturalism ideas along side supernatural.  Below are examples of topics which people did not have statistical evidence.

- One is the claim that health effects of Chinese Medicine cannot be measured by statistics, To the contrary, please notice that the organizer's research and personal experiments found that Chinese and Indian herbs WITH studies are the most effective and popular supplements, and have the greatest total healing benefits compared to other countries discoveries.  Regardless of how healing methods actually work, the improvements in health are measurable in some dimension.

-  Another is that studies can be distorted, as they are often with pharmaceuticals, and therefore studies should not be used. Please notice that statistics are just a tool like a hammer, can be used like a knife for good or harm, and if fraudulent or intension to cause harm is discovered, the person(s) will be prosecuted, fined & punished, as is escalating rapidly against pharmaceutical companies and Monsanto.

-Supposed Quantum Mind Influences Distortions have been clearly disproved by qualified physicists as premeditated knowingly fraudulent distortions of proper science studies and physicists interviews. One example is the movie "What The Bleep" distortions by movie producers and authors, fraudulent editing of video clips, regarding Quantum Physics, which can be read on the internet.  I was SO disappointed to discover the fraud, since I, like other people want paranormal to be possible.

- Another is Psychic water effects (studies knowingly severely flawed according to more statistically qualified authorities).

- Further rejected are beliefs in supernatural/paranormal powers (having no proper evidence).  However in some cases the significant health study statistics can be possibly attributed to plausible Naturalism explanations, and therefore the topic may be approved for presentation, with the request that the Naturalism explanation be provided to the audience prior to supernatural.

Our subject guidelines have been broadened to encourage discussions about such supposed spiritual differences, as has evolved in our history regarding light, suns, planets, water, air, storms, electricity, the list described about 8 paragraphs above, and thousand more.

Namaste ( I honor the divinity within us each, and both )

Your Invitation List Host, Holistic Researcher, Sponsor, and Organizer


OUR MEETINGS WILL BE LED BY VOLUNTEER ASSISTANTS, facilitating relaxed discussions about articles & topics. I will provide research support articles & topic web links, phone calls, etc. This is the only way I can start this group, since I am overloaded in my private business, maintaining my position as "America's most experienced photo-realistic accident animator", with over 250 cases in 26 states, an estimated 231% of the person in 2nd place.  http://webpages.charter.net/trialanim... Financially I have not had enough cases since 2005, so spend most of my business time marketing & emailing to find new cases.

LEAD TIME- For questions, I request 24 hours to look at my original paper files, computer notes, books, & current protocols, to give a thorough suggestion of what studies you could consider. DUE TO VERY LITTLE TIME, FEW REPLIES WILL BE GIVEN, ONLY TO CONSISTENTLY ATTENDING MEMBERS, AND A VERY STRONG PREFERENCE TOWARDS THOSE WHO LEAD ARTICLE DISCUSSIONS.


SECURiTY ADVICE-Name and other information are withheld by the organizer on this HOLISTICS web site due to discovery of extensive evidence where people's backgrounds are being maliciously exploited via social networking sites to hack into bank accounts, effect job hiring, and other purposes best not mentioned on this publicly accesissble page. The information on this site beyond this Group Description are now blocked from access by outsiders and the government.  I sent recomendations how to improve security to Meetup headquarters, and their response is that you use a nickname instead of your name on meetup, use a nearby zipcode rather than actual, disguise your home town so cannot be part of Google search, click "Hidden" for your "Interests" and "Other meetups".  There are other people who have complained to meetup about security and it is likely that my suggested security improvements emailed to Meetup will be adopted in the future.   On other web sites it is advised not to list birth date, prior schools, or relatives, and be very cautious who you publicly link to as friends or associates unless you know them well and they do not have questionable backgrounds.  Assume that everything you post can be read by people who may have malicious intent towards you. Google "Your Name" + zip code or town etc. in all combinations to see what is publicly accessible and attempt to remove all searchable Goggle items except those necessary to obtain jobs or potential dating.  Get a PayPal account and use it rather than credit card # when purchasing on line, and one credit card (where Paypal not listed) rather than a debit card # to your bank account.  To realize the the most serious security problems, please read Wikipedia about "Chinese intelligence operations in the United States" & "Cyberwarfare".



Damage from emotional abuse stress in relationships- A 2004 LEF.ORG sponsored book and the new LEF.ORG "Stress Protocol" shows stress as the overiding variable to get under self control, as soon as you can.   A 2008 study reports Perceived Stress Increases Death rates from all causes ^32% earlier, by heart attack ^159%, & by suicide ^491%.  A 2002 study reports divorce increase deaths 37%.  Now, consider that if a victim  partner's deaths go up radically, then it is very likely that a perpetrators Criminal Domestic Violence Stress and Emotional Cruelty Stress cause  serious Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome damage perhaps for the rest of their lives. And now you see why this HOLISTICS topic is so important to understand, and not allow your partner or anyone to abuse you.

In our meetings we will look into dealing with negative emotional habit patterns which hinder self control, which is the highest predictor of life success.  Toxic habit patterns create agitation with "reactivity to reactivity", and result in many forms of manipulation, ---taught us by our parents, siblings, ministers, peers, and incompetent psychotherapists-- such as unconscious or manipulative embarrassment, fear, sadness, guilt, jealousy, shame, sacrifice, remorse, polarizations by gender, DOMs, control freaks, and other psychological flaws which are of immense damage to the partner, and can escalate in some people to emotional abuse, rage, sexual blackmail, and criminal domestic violence.  Some Americans are often "attached" to, and many people get stuck in, these toxic flaws destroying their stable long term relationships, their partner's individual mental health, and then destruction of the perpetrators health and mind because their behavioral reptilian subconscious remembers it all, according to recent research.  These traps for perpetrator and victims who don't or can't escape, create weak "sheeple", ripe for control and financial fraud by ministers, family counselors, and psychotherapists.

After in depth research of countless evidence studies, I conclude overwhelmingly that contrary to many and perhaps most people's opinions justifying anger escalation, there is no plausible evidence of health or any other benefit, associated with one person in a couple creating severe or even moderate negative emotional states for both partners for any more than 16% of their lives together (study of 1,200 couples), and further that the extreme lack of self control in emotional domestic rage violence causes scarring which overrides the positive 84%  (several studies seem to point in that direction).

Letting negativity express in the body is freeing and healthy for an individual, so we can process it and  let go of it, but becoming increasingly angry from it until intentionally scarring a loved one is very self destructive, and goes harmfully against what we instinctively know from our ancestors as sacredness.  This is especially destructive if it has been discovered and discussed that the anger is supposedly related to someone else, perhaps from childhood, and really is not directly related to us now.  Current Cognitive Therapy methods published approximately 1995 provide positive psychology methods that are radically more time efficient to deal with such psychological entanglement traps.  Perhaps that can be summarized as-- there are methods to dealing with negative emotional cascades, in the present, without a lengthy cash flow to the psychotherapist or to the minister.  The question I would ask the professionals is what can you do to help free an individual from suffering entanglements NOW, in contrast to years of psychology or spritual discussion, although that may be additionally appropriate in some cases.

Studies so far suggest that the most harming state is rage, causing an increase by 18% in Heart disease for the perpetrator, much more disease for both parties of such incidents, as well as sickness for the people they are close to such as friends and family.  It seems to me that, the evidence shows rage as undermining and killing that which has been most cherished, sacred in life, respected, rewarded, trusted, necessary to stability for identity as an individual and life, and loved-- as in Christianity, Buddhism, and many other religious/psychology systems for over 2,600-5,000 years of recorded spiritual documents history.

The nurturance of positive emotional states, were and are prerequisite necessities for a healthy life today and evolution over past eons, to have resulted in you and I being here today to read this text NOW.  The  perpetrators essentially create life conditions resulting in their own destruction and symptoms of considering suicide, by suffering through their resulting chronic depression, cognitive distortions, dramas, psychological suffering anguish, escalating diseases, and ultimately death-- as the studies predict.  I have discussed all this with a local group which helps victims of such Criminal Domestic Violence, and intend to eventually go national in supporting exposing what has been covered up for centuries.  Scientists are beginning to list the patterns of emotionally damaging perpetrators, the characteristics of the permanent emotional and mental scarring, and the logical next steps are to structure the laws as to how the emotional damaging perpetrators should be tried in court, prosecuted, and fined what is the justified value of the damages they inflict on their partners and children.

We need to develop how such people can be healed and corrected, and others be protected from them, through evolutionary Naturalism as simple as prevalent advise of not associating with anyone like that, inclusive of emotional domestic violence, bullies, those not respectful of others rights or fairness, etc.

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