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Hiker Personalities

Austin, TX
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(Just created this for fun. If you are offended by this, let me know.)

What are some of the hiker personalities in our group? Here are some examples I will name (and many fit me):

1. The GPS-Obsessive Tracker
- diligently collects GPS tracks of their hikes
- look crestfallen when they forget to start tracking right at the beginning or stop at the end

2. The Late Arrival
- usually late to hikes

3. The Always-Prepared Hiker
- carries along supplies for any type of situation

4. The Chatty One
- Always in conversation

5. The Slow and Steady
- Typically moves at a fast constant speed regardless of terrain

6. The Flatlanders
- Fast on flat land but becomes the slowest hiking uphill

7. The Super-Competitive
- Must always be at or near the front
- Passing the person in front is their motivation to keep going

8. The Complainers
- Complains and whines constantly during hikes

9. The Insect/Mosquito Attractors
- Acts as the mosquito decoy for the group so that no one else gets bitten

10. The Personal Music Player Listeners
- Always in their own world listening to their personal music player

11. The Never-Prepared Hikers
- Always borrows sunscreen, water, food from other hikers

12. The Rabbits
- Always the fastest hikers

13. The Photographers
- Like to document the hike through photos
- Often lag behind the group due to photo-taking
- Often lug around a huge, expensive-looking camera

14. The Elites
- Often a subgroup of the Rabbits, the Elites hike effortlessly--often doing extra distance/elevation/technical terrain for fun

15. The Rock-Scramblers
- Every rock is an invitation to get on top

16. The Injured
- They twist an ankle, develop blisters, or cut their skin frequently.

17. The Camels
- They don't drink much water or you never see them drinking water.
Boaz A.
user 9994290
Houston, TX
Post #: 12
I love it. Keep the list going. smile
user 11076611
Houston, TX
Post #: 2
This is great Tracey! You know they are those who can always talk their way out of the speeding ticket, while following Hugo
user 11076611
Houston, TX
Post #: 3
What about Monkeys (says Colin) - you see them in the trees
user 4860345
Bay City, TX
Post #: 23
Ha ha!

Endorphin junkies. If you look under the hood of an Elitist, you just mind find a common addict lurking in there. No amount of bad experiences (inflamed joints, painful early morning risings, exertion induced nausea, etc, etc.) will stop you from planning your next trip – even after during the throes of your misery you’ve sworn up and down that you will never do it again. Truth is there’s nothing like climbing to the top of a mountain and looking out over a beautiful valley flanked by yet more mountains with opiate-like chemicals swirling around in your head. Everything looks better, tastes better, feels better – and all is right in the world.
A former member
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Speaking of addicts, don't forget the LSD trippers! - Long, Slow, Distance hikers. wink
user 11076611
Houston, TX
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lol, quite like that
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