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Our June 8, 2010 Meetup

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Bay Street Coffee

4000 Bay St, Fremont, CA (map)

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I'm tired of feeling helpless and I want to take positive, constructive action. I'm sure there's plenty of other Fremonters who feel the same. Also, I'm unemployed so I have lots of free time to contemplate and initiate some barn-raising.

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  • Yuen-Lin Tan's Photo

    Interested but not able to make it today. Could the organizer send minutes of what transpires, and is there a way to stay in the loop on follow up action? Thanks.

    Posted by Yuen-Lin Tan June 8, 2010
  • sandra's Photo

    Am unable to attend but my support is with you. Obama has lost my vote -his handling of this catastrophe is shameful and reveals his weakness. This is a national emergency and a threat to national security, and it should have been given priority from the beginning. ALL offshore drilling must be stopped NOW and BP's assets in this country should be confiscated and they should be sued for all they are worth. I will vote against any candidate that does not work toward stopping offshore drilling.

    Posted by sandra June 8, 2010
  • Suzanne Aldrich's Photo

    Hey Vinnie I noticed you're running for Fremont City Council. Guess I have to vote for you now!

    Posted by Suzanne Aldrich June 7, 2010
  • Suzanne Aldrich's Photo

    I wonder if the pod people have gotten to Obama. I'm going to show up at the Solyndra on Kato Rd in Fremont at noon tomorrow, 5/26, because Obama is supposed to be there, and I'm going to hold signs on the 880 publicizing the boycotting of BP on Mem. Day Wkd and also these meetups on 6/8. I can't believe how little leadership he's showing; it makes no sense.

    Posted by Suzanne Aldrich May 25, 2010

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