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Brandon Bowen
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Mooresville, IN
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That's one I've been on the fence on for a while now. I may see if I can get it a little cheaper though soon. I'm starting school again in January and stand to get huge discounts on the software. Will have to check the discount for Elements 9. Thanks!
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Oh yes, that can be the easy ticket to big savings, if only I could invest in the education part of it. Ah well, I have access to what I need through work, so I won't spend my own personal $ on overpriced software.

Here's the official list from Adobe, a quick search seems to indicate you won't get better than what Costco offers currently as many don't sell more than $5 below Adobe's (educational) set price. Adobe Educational Pricing

Regardless, get the CS5 Suite when you start school and be set for awhile, probably worth saving the $50 for now for you, for others it's hard to beat.
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Some of you have mentioned free downloads of photo editing software. I am looking for something that will "clone" so as to remove items/spots from pictures. Which free download do you recommend until i can purchase something?
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If you are using a mac you can download for free Aperture 3.0. You can download Lightroom 3.0 for a 30 day trial and you also download Photoshop CS5 for a 30 day trial. If you are using a PC you can download all of the Adobe products from Paint Shop pro is also a great program from Corel and when I owned a pc I used it a lot. Also if you buy a wacom tablet photoshop elements as well as Corel draw comes with the wacom tablet. The Wacom tablet is a device that plugs into you computer and has a mouse and pen and is used for drawing and photo editing. You can buy a small one at best buy for about 70.00 Wacom bamboo fun is a small tablet and includes software. Good luck with your purchasing decisions

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I have the Tablet and Corel Draw. However, I can not figure out how to "Clone" with it. Do you?
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If you intend to edit photos using the software that came with your tablet, hopefully you received Photoshop Elements or a similar photo editing program with it. Corel Draw is geared more towards "structured drawing" - think corporate logos and graphics, not photos, although you can add photos into a drawing.

You aren't likely to find the correct type of clone feature in Corel Draw that you'd want for a photo touchup session.

The programs we've mentioned in the past that can be purchased for very reasonable amounts all have free trial downloads so you can see what you like/don't like before plunking down your money. A free and very basic editor that can link to your Google account and tie in to web albums for that account is Picassa. You can find it here:­ I think it's a good place to start to avoid feeling overwhelmed at first launch- the clone tool is a function of the Retouch feature located in the Basic Fixes tab.
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I can't seem to understand how Picassa works. It wants me to download my pictures to the web. I don't want to do that. I just want to fix them. I don't want them on the web. What am I doing wrong. Plus, I did download Picassa and it asked me to create a gmail acct. What is that for? This is too complicated for me. I just want to retouch my photos on my computer. Why do I have to download them onto the web first. Once I do this, will the retouch be on the original pictures that are on my computer. Very Lost.
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Alright, this is "Take 2". I am attempting to download a free trial of PSE 9. Will let you know how it hows. I still have 35 minutes of download left. Will be leaving for Jingle Rails in 40 minutes. I guess I won't get to play with it until tonight.
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Ok, so I've downloaded PSE 9 for a free trial. I can't get the tutorial to work because there is something wrong with the Adobe Reader 8.1 that I just downloaded (can't read tutorial without 8.1). So I thought I would try to clone without the tutorial. That's not happening. I know I need to click on the clone stamp and then "Alt-click on an area that I want to use as the retouch color but nothing happens when I click on the area to be retouched. Still very confused and lost. This is not looking good for me. Don't know what else to do.
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I've used Picassa for a few years here and there and I've never been forced to upload my pictures to the web. I also run it when I'm not logged in to any of my Google accounts, so I doubt it is forcing you to do anything. If I want to upload to my Picassa albums online I can, but I've only done that once in about 3 years, the rest of my edits are done on the images I have sitting on my PC.

Sounds like you will need to read through the Cloning tutorial, and if you successfully installed Adobe Reader 8.1 (latest version is 10 or "X") then it should spell it out for you. If you have a keyboard made for a PC, there is an ALT key on either side of your space bar. Quite often when an instruction or "keyboard shortcut" is designated as "Alt+J" it means to "While pressing and continuing to hold the Alt key, press J also". In your case, you press and hold Alt on the keyboard then click your mouse. This will define the area to be fixed. The cursor on the screen should change slightly, and then release both the Alt and the mouse button and the cursor will change again.

Let me find a video online that should help, explaining something like this when you're not familiar with the keyboard and mouse isn't likely to be so productive. Hopefully this will help you understand the concepts better:­

There are other video tutorials from the same instructor covering different functions, you may have to search for them yourself.

Have fun!

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