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Melbourne InstaMeet: Photowalk

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National Gallery of Victoria

Melbourne, Australia (map)

Selected by: Instagramers Melbourne


I am Rufimy and I will be hosting the next Instagram Meetup here in Melbourne! So the plan is:

We start off by meeting everyone in front of the NGV (National Gallery of Victoria - It's along St Kilda Road) at 2pm on the 20th of August 2011 (Saturday)! We will then head to the Shrine of Remembrance! There are plenty of pretty buildings along the way that we can take pictures of and definitely stop by the Shrine to take more photos! Once we are done, we will walk to St Ali Cafe (hopefully we will be there by 3.30pm or 4.00pm)! Heard they serve awesome coffee! I have not tried it though, it will be my first! :)

Here is the route that we can use as a guide:

Stay tuned for more information!
If you have any questions, you can add a comment @igersmelbourne or @violetfimz or alternatively contact us via email at igersmelbourne@gmail.com !!

Looking forward to see all of you there! Help spread the word and make this event a huge one :)!


Selected by: Instagramers Melbourne

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    See you there tomorrow :) !

    Posted by Rufimy Khoo August 19, 2011

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