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Selected By: Samantha

Capitol Garage & Coffee

1500 K St, Sacramento, CA 95814 (map)

Selected by: Samantha

Message from Instagram:

We're very excited to announce that on Thursday the 26th of July you'll have the chance to get together with other Instagrammers in your town by organizing your very own meetup for the fifth Worldwide InstaMeet! This time around, we're asking everyone to go on an adventure together, and we've put together an adventure-filled video to encourage you to organize or participate in your city's InstaMeet: http://bit.ly/adventuremeet

Don't worry -- if Thursday doesn't work for your local community, feel free to plan your InstaMeet any time over that weekend, July 27th through the 29th. We'll be featuring some of our favorite images & group shots over at blog.instagram.com the following Monday.

For more information keep an eye on our InstaMeets page at http://blog.instagram.com/tagged/instameet­ where we'll be sharing tips, and featuring recent InstaMeets to spark some creativity.

We'll meet at Capitol Garage and Coffee at 6pm and head out on an #instawalk around Capitol Park at approximately 6:15pm. We'll eventually end up at the front of the State Capitol then we can work our way back around the park and back to Capitol Garage. Parking is usually free around the Capitol starting at 6pm. Check the signs. Hope to see other instagrammers or photographers of any sort there!

Selected by: Samantha

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  • Samantha's Photo

    Anything happening in Sacramento? Would love to do this.

    Posted by Samantha July 19, 2012
    • Donelle O'Brien's Photo

      Hi Samantha. We would like to plan something with IgersSacramento for the InstaMeet. Can you contact me on Kik, IG or twitter and let's plan it together. dobrien917

      Posted by Donelle O'Brien July 19, 2012

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Sacramento, CA Founded March 8, 2011
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