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Getting Paid for Practitioner Services- continuing in-person discussion

Andrea M
Ypsilanti, MI
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Hi there everyone,
Today I had two separate conversations with a few people about getting paid for practitioner-type work and I cannot find the specific woman I had mentioned something to, so I wanted to post it up for general conversation anyway.

At any rate, in both short discussions the subject of charging for services rendered (as a practitioner of "x" modality, you fill in the blank) came up. Some people feel more at ease charging for work than others and it became a discussion topic in two separate small groups.

I mentioned something that I wanted to elaborate further on so that I didn't walk away feeling like a jerk. I had said something to the affect of, "Would your clients want to work with someone who had abundance issues/blockages if they needed to work on abundance issues?". My question was misrepresented and not fair to have stated that way, but I will redeem myself here by stating my true meaning behind the question. (I think sometimes my business hat/head gets in the way.)

I truly believe in what Wayne Dyer has said in that we all teach what we need to learn most and we keep teaching it until we have learned it (or mastered it ourselves). On that same note, there are many teachers, gurus, healers, etc. who have their own issues in their lives that they are healing and working on all the time. I have yet to see anyone in life who is perfect and not sure I subscribe to the word 'perfect' anyway. We are earthbound entities in human form, so perfect is a funny word to use. That said, none of us are without things to learn and also things to teach. I am VERY much in this boat myself and in saying what I said to her I was not trying to imply that one should be perfect in any way in order to be a healer or practitioner for others. We are all on our own journeys, working out own paths.

What I will say, and this is what I TRULY meant when I said what I said is-
We DO need to know how to get out of our own way and allow the proper and correct healing or energy or whatever to come through and forth for the client no matter what our issues are. The only thing is is that our own issues on something might cause a minor obstacle in things coming through clearly enough. Sure, there are ways around this- working with guides, etc. who can more clearly direct the energy (I won't get into that since it's a huge topic and Jason touched upon some of it today). Point is- we can be healed at the same time that we are healing others and learning life'e lessons and becoming our truest, best selves.

I think that I simply wanted to encourage her to consider *how* she may have been thinking about what and how much to charge for services. I think that some people do free work, some people do some free, some people do sliding scale, some offer different packages and some offer a set price- none are any more or less correct. Each of us has to decide what is right for us (and what is based on the clients' need).

If people want to further discuss this topic, by all means- take it away and discuss. I just could not find the woman that I was talking to on the Meetup to private message her my true meaning. biggrin

Be Well & All the Best,
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