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How would you rate these Japanese restaurants?

Have you already tried?... or would you go to any of the six Japanese venues shown for this Poll? Kindly consider quality of food, service, interior, people, location, price, etc. ~ OK to be guided by published reviews or word-of-mouth comments. ~

Aug 1, 2009 5 so far

Are you very serious about learning the culture and language of the people of Japan deeper?

As a very serious learner of the Japanese language and culture, would you be willing and able to financially contribute towards compensating for the intellect, time, energy and expenses of very skilled and trained native or advanced tutors for WRITING, SPEAKING and CULTURAL sessions outside of a formal classroom? [Kindly keep in mind that besides money, you need to commit necessary TIME and ENERGY as well in order to reach your defined goals faster.]

Jul 25, 2009 12 so far

Our Weekend Excursion to PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania

WHAT OPTION do you prefer? 1) To Philly Saturday morning, back to NYC Saturday evening. No Phillly nightlife. OR 2) To Philly Saturday afternoon, back to NYC Sunday evening. With Philly nightlife and hotel stay. [This Poll CLOSES on Friday, July 25, 2008 at 11:59 PM.] We will have another POLL to vote on the right date for our trip to Philly, PA.

Jul 22, 2008 5 so far

Please Share YOUR Opinion about the Complete Profile with ID Photo Required for YOUR Own Safety.

You may want to write YOUR thoughts in our Message Board, TOO.

Dec 17, 2007 22 so far

We can have a "HAUNTED HOUSE GHOST STORIES" event. Interested?? SCARED?? VIEW LINK & Reply 2 Gerald

Psycho Clan presents NIGHTMARE: GHOST STORIES on the Lower East Side, Manhattan's hottest late-night neighborhood. This year, Psycho Clan conducted an online poll of people's paranormal experiences. It took the creepiest collected stories and campfire tales and crafted an exceptional ghostly experience from them. Each of the 23 rooms features a different spirit--apparitions, phantasms, possessions and more--all waiting to inflict a unique brand of fear on the unwary. NIGHTMARE also has a brand-new attraction! THE MAZE, presented by HAUNTERNET.COM, is a big, spooky labyrinth designed to disorient, confuse and unsettle even the most intrepid navigator. And don't think you'll be alone in the dark. If you get goosebumps just listening to a ghost story, imagine how frightened you'll be when you're in one! View Link http://www.hauntedhousenyc.com/

Oct 21, 2007 2 so far

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