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From: Hope
Sent on: Wednesday, February 1, 2012 1:03 PM

The organizers of the Jersey Jazz Meetup hope that you & your loved ones enjoyed a terrific holiday season and wish you a joyful new year.


Excellent Jazz Music, enjoyable conversation, memorable moments and making new friends is what this Meetup group is all about. The organizers are grateful to the Jazz Lovers who have & continue to come out and join us in appreciating Jazz music. Thanks!


This new year will be bringing new changes to this Meetup.  Many of these changes have come from the Jazz Lovers who have provided many useful suggestions.




We are requiring that everyone post a photo of themselves to join. Cartoons, caricatures, avatars or business logos are no longer accepted.  Posting your photo will allow the organizers and Meetup Jazz Lovers to know who you are and vice versa. Please have your photo posted by the Feb. 29.




If a Meetup Jazz Lover has not attended any Meetups for more than a year, he/she will be dropped by Feb. 29, unless the person emails the organizers.  We want to have a current list of active members. The removal of non-attending members will occur every year in January.



If you RSVP YES & then are not able to attend the Meetup, please change the RSVP to NO. We understand things come up in life and plans have to change. Just be courteous and update your status, we appreciate this consideration. At times, reservations have to be made for a Meetup, we make the reservation from the list of people who RSVP YES and when the person doesn’t show up, it causes an inconvenience to the organizers or event host. In light of this, members who have 3 NO SHOWS UPS within this year will be dropped from this Meetup.


Event Hosts - HELP WANTED

There are many Jazz events happening throughout the region. We would like to fill the calendar with more Meetups but we are unable to attend all of them. In the past, we have been fortunate that some of our Jazz Lovers have served as Event Host(s). Please consider being an Event Host(s) so we can post additional Meetups. Requirements for an event host is to be a friendly person, provide details on where to meet at the location, provide your contact information to attendees, greet  Jazz Lovers who attend the Meetup, check up on attendees & maybe answer simple questions, and provide a headcount of attendees to organizers.  Please feel free to contact us for more info about being an event host.


We look forward to another year of great jazz music, and good times with you all.


Please continue to make us aware of Jazz happenings in the area so we can share it with our Jazz Lovers.   Keep the good suggestions coming in – we welcome them!


Hope & Liz


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