"No Religion" on the Rise. 19.6% have no Religious Affiliation. Gilbert and I will talk about this for 15 mins or so then watch the film.  Also, I was given a Dedication Award from Kansas City Atheists Coalition (KCAC) at the RAM this past Saturday.  What a surprise!  I'll bring it tonight and say a little about what lead up to that evening. 

Midwest Skeptics Society:

"Guns, Germs & Steel" Video Part Three. (Book by Jared Diamond) tonight Sat, Oct 13, 7pm at Perkins.  This is a great video we began two weeks ago.  JOIN US FOR THE CONCLUSION. Each one hour segment stands on its own.  So if you missed the first two you can still enjoy this one. To RSVP go to: http://www.meetup.com/skeptics-137/

A PBS documentary concerning Jared Diamond's theory on why there is such disparity between those who have advanced technology and those who still live primitively. He argues it is due to the acquisition of guns and steel and the changes brought about by germs.
This is a fantastic video. Each of the three segments stand on their own with three endings.
Cole Morgan[masked]