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Character Flaw

This is for Maddie's "reluctant life" assignment. I discarded my first two ideas of Johnny Cochrane suing God for Adam's heirs and Pinochio wanting to be changed back because Gepetto abused him. That left this silly thing...

Word file 28K Charles C. Aug 8, 2009


This is for Spider's summertime trip assignment.

Word file 31K Charles C. Aug 3, 2009

How to Write Humor and Win Laughs--Ch 1

Not an assignment. I've been asked many times about something like this. Laura's request, weeks ago, prompted me to write something. It is not the know-all or end-all. It just is.

Word file 66K A former member Jun 26, 2009


Literary Festival at Longview Sept 19-20

rich text file 193K Charles C. Sep 18, 2008


Literary Festival Sept 19-20 at Longview

Word file 27K Charles C. Sep 18, 2008

It Could Happen to You

Once again, I imposed a 500 word limit on myself. My heros are those who make 500 word assignments. I wonder. Is the governing board that sets standards for fairies elected or appointed?

Word file 26K Charles C. Jan 9, 2008

By a Whisker

Jason's assignment, part 1. It's out of our hands, now...

Word file 23K Charles C. Nov 20, 2007


My shot at Hoss's assignment

Word file 27K Charles C. May 23, 2007

Flip Side

Okay, this thing turned out to be almost 1500 words. It may be that a paradox may be tough to do in 500. I wrote a handful of Harry Hall stories back in the 90's, but this is the first new one in 15 years.

Word file 33K Charles C. May 13, 2007

Truth is Overrated

Here's my entry for Linda's "liar" assignment. It's a little long, but I don't think I should cut it down any. If it's painful, it's Linda's fault.

Word file 26K Bobbie C. May 6, 2007

No Choice

My submission for Joe's assignment. This one is probably good for us, but I found it painful.

Word file 25K Charles C. Apr 21, 2007

No Pleasin Some Folk

Hear iz my synment. Hope u lik it bedder then...

Word file 21K Charles C. Apr 13, 2007


Here is my submission for the "unnamed artifact" assignment. There is something about the setting of this story that is very much like that of "Loophole." Am I to be trapped forever in this alien landscape?

Word file 26K Charles C. Apr 9, 2007


Here is my time travel story.

Word file 29K Charles C. Feb 21, 2007

Hospitality Acknowledgement

My submission for Andi's exercise. This was a good plan, Andi.

Word file 26K Charles C. Feb 11, 2007

Laura's Fables

My submission to Joe's exercise with, perhaps, a little something for everyone.

Word file 26K Charles C. Jan 25, 2007

End Of An Era

My entry to the "To monster or not to monster" decision assignment.

Word file 26K Charles C. Jan 7, 2007


My assignment story for the week.

Word file 26K Charles C. Dec 30, 2006


Here is my illness side-effects story. For the first time in several contests, I really felt the squeeze of the word limit on this one. I would have liked to use a few more to describe the main character here to help create the word images.

Word file 23K Charles C. Oct 21, 2006

Terror Manor

I overdid it. It may not have the same effect on anyone else, but I scared myself half to death with this one.

Word file 21K Charles C. Oct 15, 2006

Slow News Day

My "day after the nuke" story

Word file 26K Charles C. Oct 9, 2006

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