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Our October 1, 2013 Meetup

Selected By: Promod Sharma

Woodsworth College

119 George St, Principal's Seminar Room (Room 123), Toronto, CA M5A 2M4 (map)

Selected by: Promod Sharma

Why Krypton: http://bit.ly/WhyKrypton

Classes don't meet in coffee shops. We have a proper, quiet location at the University of Toronto (subway access, "cheap" parking from 4 PM).

Course materials: http://bit.ly/Krypton1

You'll get the best results if you do your pre-class work and read the comments below. If you have trouble finding our room, you can phone me at 416-938-3711. Aim to show up on time for our 90 minute class. Since this is the first class, we'll wait a few minutes before starting (if necessary).

Selected by: Promod Sharma

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  • Promod Sharma's Photo

    Reminder ... Please RSVP for the next class ... and prepare

    Posted by Promod Sharma October 5
    • Heejoo Yoon's Photo

      I'll be missing the class this week due to work. Hope u guys have an awesome class!

      Posted by Heejoo Yoon October 7
  • Michael Fox's Photo

    Kyrptons, I unfortunately will not be able to make it tonight. See you next week.

    Posted by Michael Fox October 1
  • Promod Sharma's Photo

    We got an amazing room with a nice round table:

    Principals’ Seminar Room (Room 123)
    Woodsworth College,
    119 St. George St.

    Room located in the NE corner of the Woodsworth College building complex.

    Posted by Promod Sharma September 25
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    • Promod Sharma's Photo

      Navigation Option 2: Walk through the Peter F. Bronfman Courtyard gateway (look for a large banner with the name), immediately north of the entrance to the original Woodsworth College building. Enter the new part of the building on the far side of the courtyard. Follow the corridor toward the left – all rooms are clearly marked.

      Posted by Promod Sharma September 25
    • Promod Sharma's Photo

      Here's a reminder of the directions. See you soon :)

      Posted by Promod Sharma October 1
  • Promod Sharma's Photo

    There are several other Kryptonites attending who have not RSVPed here.

    Posted by Promod Sharma September 21
    • Paul Nazareth's Photo

      I won't be at this one, long scheduled board meeting but I've booked all the rest of them! See you soon! Paul Nazareth

      Posted by Paul Nazareth October 1
  • Ann Rosenfield's Photo

    I have a 5pm call with one of my Board members so I will be the one in the hall making a phone call that may be a bit late this first time with my apologies.

    Posted by Ann Rosenfield September 30
  • Flavian DeLima's Photo

    Coming in as a writer, I'm a fan of Pressfield's books. I have many writers friends - talented and super smart - most are hitting resistance. Short video by Pressfield http://www.youtube.com/watc...­

    Posted by Flavian DeLima September 30
    • Promod Sharma's Photo

      Thanks Flavian. The resistance is powerful and a sign that we're doing something that matters.

      Posted by Promod Sharma September 30
  • janet's Photo

    Listened yesterday to the interview of Seth Godin (among preparation items recommended to do before first meeting) on the program "On Being" (check out the other interviews on offer by this National Public Media program - there are amazing people with whom to spend 50 minutes!). Among other topics, Godin shares insights into his personal motivations for his life's work(s) - left me with even greater respect for how he uses his gifts to help others find, express, and share theirs.

    Posted by janet September 29
  • Promod Sharma's Photo

    Have you done your pre-class work for week 1? You'll find the details at http://bit.ly/Krypton1­. You might want to (a) print the student PDF and (b) keep a copy on your device to use the clickable links. If you have questions, do ask. We'll figure out the answers. (You can also look at the Organizer version. No secrets!)

    Posted by Promod Sharma September 28
  • Michael Fox's Photo

    This looks great!

    Posted by Michael Fox September 27
    • Promod Sharma's Photo

      Thanks for joining us, Michael :)

      Posted by Promod Sharma September 28
  • barry 's Photo

    looks like a great course... esp when Seth made it!

    Posted by barry September 25
    • Promod Sharma's Photo

      That's the hope :)

      Posted by Promod Sharma September 25
  • Promod Sharma's Photo

    We have a location, thanks to Janet. The room number is coming soon.

    Posted by Promod Sharma September 24
    • Promod Sharma's Photo

      Room number 123 added.

      Posted by Promod Sharma September 24
  • janet's Photo

    Can't wait!

    Posted by janet September 24
  • Billy's Photo

    Waiting for more info.

    Posted by Billy September 24

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Toronto Krypton Course Community

Toronto, Canada Founded September 17, 2013
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