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Around West Point KY

Jim K
user 9599326
Louisville, KY
Post #: 500
Yeah...today was a pretty good day to be on the Ohio.

Didn't really make the distance that I wanted...but had a great time goofing around and being on the water anyway.

Launched near West Point Ky.
Paddled for a ways along the bank upstream for about an hour and came back.
Jim K
user 9599326
Louisville, KY
Post #: 509
Back off of the River again tonight.

Ran into a first this evening.

I've had simply tons of fun putting younguns and olderuns in the boats when finishing up the day's paddle.
Welcoming folks to try paddling.

Asked one of the young folks fishing off of the bank if he wanted to paddle and his eyes lit up.

I explained to the fellow and his parents that he would have to have the PFD on...stay close to shore....and that if he flipped that was OK and that I would come get him.

His eyes lit up and then Dad said "He can't do that."..and then he cast his eyes down.


I've had about 10 episodes like this with positive results in the last couple of months and this is the first non taker that I've encountered.

I am certainly no saint...but it is nice to share something that I've found to be so darned healthy ...mentally and physically... when given the chance. :)

I held my water and just went on and packed the boat and gear up the hill.

Still bugs me a little though.

Didn't hear "You can't do that!" around our house much...

Anyway...was a good day doing it.

Jim K
user 9599326
Louisville, KY
Post #: 513
Sat 9/10/11
Launched from West Point, Ky. Made way in the River down to Otter Creek itself with a fast pal, and went up it a long way.
Back to the Ohio and upstream ...passing a tow and cutting across when safe and exploring a little creek that I had seen last week on the In. side. Went up that one for a while and came back to the river and passed behind him and started to pass him again before getting W.P. We figured that we had him surrounded. :) 17 miles. Water was up and current was at around 2 mph and we hugged the bank for as much still water as we could get.
Ate at the neat little Star Cafe in W.P. and went home and fell on face. :) Twas a done cookie. :)
Jim K
user 9599326
Louisville, KY
Post #: 514
Sun 9/11/11
Launched from West Point and did only several miles, mostly clowning around in the Salt and on the In. side of the Ohio.
Was waiting for some tows to get out of my way because I did not want to cut between them when intending to come back across to W.P.
Went and hung onto one the channel buoys on the In. side and the 16' long boat turned sideways and I had to edge the boat upstream side up for any sort of comfort against the 2 mph current. Got tired of that in short order and noticed that the buoy had a pronounced eddy behind it. Hmm...got in the eddy and sat for some while waiting for the tows to pass. Had the paddle across my boat and was making only small adjustments with my hands to stay in the buoy's eddy. Pretty fun. Never had thought that one could surf a buoy. :) Made way over and pulled out and ate again (stuffed my face with home style chow) at the Star Cafe...and bought a pretty cool poster/print there too. Is of a Celtic cutie in an old time canoe.
Will try to find the artist's and painting's name. Was told and forgot. :) Y'all will like this.
Jim K
user 9599326
Louisville, KY
Post #: 516
Whew..did 15 miles yesterday.
Went from W.P. to the Otter Creek Park ramp and back with some current when going upstream.
Been fighting sinus and chest crud and was slower than would have liked.
Certainly not with any pop on my end.
Paddled with a fellow that goes after it... for a workout...continuously.
I was not dying...but did have to reach down some to get it done.
Was glad when getting to the take out.
Rough doing it fast when on 6 or 7 ...of 8 cylinders.
Pretty sure that we saw a Bald Eagle on the Indiana side.
Saw/met a fellow hunting for artifacts on the bank and spoke with him a little bit...
He mentioned that he had recently seen and spoken with two folks paddling from Warsaw to Owensboro ? in short boats and said that they were camping along the bank as they went.
I think that is some cool chit. :)
We rounded the bend near O.C. and saw them in the distance and thought about trying to catch them to say hello..but did not.

Jim K
user 9599326
Louisville, KY
Post #: 522
It's not often that I like seeing a boat of mine going on down the road on someone else's car. :)

This evening it was different. Daughter unit turned 20 and we had a little gathering and she departed with my old rec boat on her little Jetta, headed for parts East of Frankfort and for use thereabouts on calm water and riffles. Got her set up with the usual required gear, choice of paddles, tie downs, etc. and stood there grinning like a fool when she was headed down the road. She was grinning too. :) I may get the boat back and I may not. :) Whatever...it was a good bit of fun.

Yeah. :)

Jim K
user 9599326
Louisville, KY
Post #: 527
Big waves on the Ohio yesterday and bigger today!
Yeahhh! :)
Made several (4) trips over and back to In. yesterday with waves abeam for a grunt workout.
Then spent a lot of the rest of the evening busting into them with water breaking across the deck and then surfing where able going back upstream.
What fun!...spent the remainder the time in water rolling...all in the heavier water.
Yeah!....digging fall winds.
Jim K
user 9599326
Louisville, KY
Post #: 528
Editorial note:
I miss some rolls.
I swim sometimes.
Didn't last night. :)
That was nice.
Didn't want to sound like I knew all about that stuff, :)
Jim K
user 9599326
Louisville, KY
Post #: 538
Hit some big water yesterday with Moby.

Got puckered up when some gusts 40 mph hit the boat and turned it to the bank and there was nothing to be done for it .
Pretty funny...whilst trying to turn around my baseball hat backwards, so not to lose it, nearly flipped.
Could not turn the Nordkapp. It is not outfitted well. That is a happening thing......no thigh braces...or ill fitting ones soon to be fixed.

First time for a while that I have felt uncomfortable on the Ohio. First time that I have ever had the wind try to take my paddle from my hands.
Moby remarked that he had never really heard me whine before...;))))

(It's alright there brothers Moby and Dave Wicks....I want some of your butts for the next races.... :)

Fixed that today and took the Squamish out and busted waves and made some sprint training runs across the Riv (520 meters) side to side. Waves were not as high as on Sunday (1.5 to 2') and I ignored them.
I finished the day doing what we did Sunday... spending some time bobbing around in the boat in the rolling waves.
Just sitting there happy as a clam.

Jim K
user 9599326
Louisville, KY
Post #: 543
The watta/River Level is a lot diff down here! (Used to Prospect)....
Been watching it pretty closely with a baleful eye...:)
This sometimes referred to as the lower gauge:
It's up 30' from pool. (pool is 16' on the lower gauge) to 46' ...prob going to 49'.
Been out in some of it very carefully close to shore and up and around in the Salt
River's flooded banks....very surreal.
Those of you who have been out here will know where the concrete ramp ends and and a decent little carry begins down across the bank down to where the water begins.
Forget that today. :)...it's right up on the ramp.
Whoeee! That is a Lot of water.

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