Sat, Jun 2 - LAGOP 2012 Convention - Third Chair takes floor after second Chair is violently assaulted..!!

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Sent on: Sunday, June 3, 2012 8:29 AM
These clips accurately depict the Electoral College Process which is part of the US Constitution, as it is available ONLY in a Republic....and follows Robert's Rules of Order. It was established and is protected by the 12th Amendment of 1804.


LAGOP Ron Paul delegates oust Rules Committee Chairman
Ron Paul delegates oust the Rules Committee chairman after the chairman refused to do business according to the state rules.
LAGOP State Convention Rules Committee
Debate in the LAGOP Rules Committee concerning the April 28, 2012 caucus results. Ross Little is stalling so the Ron Paul delegation cannot vote out the sitting chairman because of his inability to correctly govern the committee.
LAGOP 2012 Convention - Third Chair takes floor after second Chair is violently assaulted..!!
70 year old man thrown to ground has broken hip and hospitalized. He said he wants to file charges against police.
LAGOP 2012 Convention - Third Chair takes the floor after second Chair is violently attacked !!!!!!! Due to popular demand for a description, the first chair was voted out for the usual establishment corruption, specifically, not recognizing the duly elected rules committee chair. This man was escorted out by police also, though I think charges were not pressed. His finger was injured, on another video, not on this channel. That started the motion to remove the first chair, seconded, and overwhelmingly approved by the majority (RonPaul side). The first chair refused to acknowledge any of this, and in the mean time, Ron Paul delegates reversed their seats and proceeded to hold their own convention, with the majority of delegates present. The first chair (in the blue shirt) that we elected for the Ron Paul side was not allowed to use his sound system, by the previous chair, who had been voted out. The police came to remove our chair from the back of the room, and he wound up on the floor. They later gave him a citation of arrest of some sort at the hospital (most likely a CYA since he had been injured). We shortly elected a third chair and proceeded, even before our second chair was escorted on a stretcher, while the demoted chair attempted to continue a rump convention behind us, with their mikes on, not allowing us a mike. Which we did not need, because when we voted the AYYYES loudly with each motion. They attempted to ask us to 'rejoin the convention', turn our chairs around, and stop making a confusion in the back, restore order and so forth. We adjourned before them, and when we left, the convention was over, because we only left behind a scraggly crew of their attempt at a meeting without us. A little symbolic isnt it? Proud victorious day.
Police Assault Ron Paul Delegate at LAGOP Convention
"Alex Helwig, Ron Paul Rules Chairman, elected legitimately by the majority delegation, is thrown out and assaulted at LA GOP Convention by Shreveport Police."

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