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The purpose of our meetings is simply to study and discuss the Bible as the infallible, inspired word of God (2 Timothy 3:16,17). We seek to promote faith in the true and living God and in Jesus Christ as the Divine Son of God and our Savior (John 20:30,31). Like the Bereans in Acts 17:11, we encourage people of honest hearts to study the Bible regularly and to understand and obey it as the guide for their daily lives. We seek to follow only the Bible, no denominational creeds or man-made doctrines (Matthew 15:9). If you share these interests and you live in or near Lake Country, Illinois, we invite you to study with us!

Free! No fees will be charged and no collections taken up.

Location of meetings:
Lake Villa Library, 1001 E Grand Ave., Lake Villa IL 60046 (corner of IL route 132 and Deep Lake Road)

Time of meetings:
Usually on the first and third Mondays monthly (this may vary, so students will need to join our contact list for specific meeting information)

Student requirements
Anyone is welcome to attend our meetings provided they agree to abide by our guidelines (listed below). The studies are intended for teens and older, but will be above the level of most younger children. Students should bring Bible, pen, and paper, and be prepared to look up and research Scriptures with the group. Student participation and discussion is encouraged.

The teachers will often provide handouts, and students will be encouraged to study assigned homework between meetings. Students will benefit most if they attend every possible meeting and do additional preparation between meetings. However, there will be no tests or “grades,” and students are free to attend only to the extent they choose to do so.

These meetings are conducted independently from any church or denomination. They are arranged and supervised by David Pratte as part of his individual work as a gospel preacher, with the help and cooperation of Andy Harrison. Although Mr. Pratte is a gospel preacher working with the church of Christ in Round Lake Beach, nevertheless the meetings are not financed or supervised as part of the work of any church or denomination. We use simply as a means of promoting our meetings.

Each student, simply by virtue of attending our meetings, accepts the responsibility to abide by the following guidelines:

* Students should seek in every reasonable way to promote the purpose of the meetings (as described above). Students should cooperate and follow the lead of the instructors. Please stay on topic and do not sidetrack the discussion into issues other than those assigned by the instructors. Since we have organized these studies, please do not seek to pursue a different agenda.

* Discussion and participation is encouraged, including expressing viewpoints that differ from those of other participants. However, we urge all students to speak with respect for others and always speak to constructively and sincerely encourage understanding of God’s word.

* Students should sincerely attempt to give Bible proof for each view they defend in our study. Human opinion, church tradition, uninspired history, philosophy and other human sources will be discouraged as evidence.

* Attendees should conduct themselves with decency and propriety. This includes avoiding profanity and indecent or immodest clothing. The library permits no smoking and no alcoholic beverages on the premises.

* At times the teachers will provide printed handouts to the students. Students who wish to submit printed material to the group should first submit them for approval of the teachers.

We expect our students to be cooperative and helpful. But if necessary to achieve the purpose of the studies, the instructors will ask uncooperative or disruptive students to leave the study group.

Brief biographies of instructors:

David Pratte
Mr. Pratte was born in 1944 and began working in full-time gospel preaching in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, in 1974. Since 1989 he has worked with the Church of Christ in Round Lake Beach. He and his wife Karen have three children and nine grandchildren. Many of his Bible study materials are available without charge on his website at

Andy Harrison
Andy was born in Indiana and graduated from Purdue University in 1998. He has worked and lived all over the country. He and his family have lived in the Chicago land area since 2007 and have settled down to raise their three children.

(Note: Teachers may be addressed as “Dave” and “Andy” or “Mr. Pratte” and “Mr. Harrison.” We do not wear religious titles such as “Reverend” or “Pastor.”)

Ways you can help promote our study group

* Join our group at
* RSVP for each meeting
* Attend regularly
* Study between meetings and prepare to participate
* Personally invite your friends to join us
* Send notes and “likes” on Facebook, Twitter, etc.
* Distribute printed fliers
* Email friends and area contacts

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