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From: Scott H.
Sent on: Tuesday, July 2, 2013 1:23 PM

Hi all,

Many of you have been requesting some of the detail from our last event, so here it is in one easy to digest email.  We cover off sponsors, feedback alley participants and speakers.  Keep reading, because some of the companies below are also looking for dev help!

Firstly....our sponsors:


The SmartStartCity Program welcomes individuals who have a passion for startups. Regardless of whether you are a new comer, have a few runs on the board or have had a spectacular failure, you will gain…

  • Access to great data from a variety of sources (made available within strict privacy guidelines)
  • A great starting point with a range of great problems which are validated, valued and real.
  • Warm access to the organisations who are participating in the program.  These organisations represent sources of further data, channels to market and possible exit strategies
  • A great mix of mentors, location, internet access and coffee!
  • A collaborative energy with like-minded entrepreneurs working to do something truly innovative, in every sense rewarding
  • Access to a 10 week mentored program delivered by Assoc Professor David Austin – like an MBA but practical rather than academic in its focus for the cost of $150 (if you are selected) – just enough to pay for the coffee!
  • If you have a strong technical skill set, don’t worry – We expect university based MBA entrepreneurs in the room who can help you with the commercials
  • Ownership and control of what you create (ie IP ownership resides with the creators)

So if you think this is for you, take a look at and join us at the Melbourne Town Hall on 22 July as we launch the Program.


Alphastation Communications produces investor communication tools from IMs to slide decks for emerging companies & startups. We makes sure you're armed correctly when you pitch angel, VC or corporate investors.  We've successfully helped raise capital since 1998.

All lean startuppers are welcome.


Bluechilli are a fantastic Sydney company who are keen to partner with startup founders on the technology build.

So if you have a great idea but no tech founder, hit em up! You can check them out online: Bluechilli


Filming the event was Lucas from Kussowski Brothers – sharing your business with the world.

A standard promotional package with a single video, photos and social media setup – usually costs $1500 but for LSM members it’s only $300 plus GST.  This isn’t madness, this is Startup!




Ediply is a web platform that focuses on creating greater connectivity in education. It enables users to search for other users with specific academic credentials for personal or professional networking.

We are in a progressed stage of development and looking to build on our initial MVP. I am looking for a Ruby on Rails developer to assist with our progression to launch.

Any questions can be sent to [address removed]


Rusdens is a relatively new start-up looking at how we can help new hires navigate their first six months in a role.

Before we get too far into the process we are particularly keen to talk with people who are recruiting or have recently hired new team members about their experiences.  Is this you or someone you know?

To find out more visit or call Nigel on (03) 8400-4131.

Energy Comparison Website

I have a startup for people to save money on their power bills. I am setting up an energy bill comparison website to do this.  It will direct customers to energy retailers and have several differentiating features from existing sites.

Many of the existing websites either provide poor quality comparisons or are little more than telemarketing support for a retailer.  The planned service would be genuinely independent and more accurate. I have extensive experience and contacts in energy, but need expertise particularly in Internet marketing, database and web development.  Contact Alan Rattray ([address removed]) if you have an interest.


Teaching can be better.  Our students carry their favourite learning tool with them everywhere they go, yet our schools ask them to turn it off.  Smartphones should be on the desk, in class, giving teachers insight into student progress, not under the desk giving Facebook a status update.

ClassWired is collaborative classroom technology to make this happen - on a phone, a class tablet, or a computer.  ClassWired is focussing first on the English as a Second Language vertical, where founder Lindsay Rattray already teaches and has connections.  Lindsay is looking for mobile web developers that can work with him (he's also a qualified programmer) to get a basic product (MVP) ready for market validation and subsequent iteration.

Lindsay is also interested in talking to those in UX design, marketing, and business.  You can catch him on [address removed] and see the landing page at  Anyone else interested in EdTech: thoughts welcome.


Geddup is a startup that aims to improve communication between organisations and their communities. It does this by making communication from organisations more accessible, more responsive and more integrated with our personal technologies (our calendars, phones, maps etc).

You can find more information at our website (

We're always interested in talking to people or organisations that would like to work with us. Please contact us if you would like a chat.

We are looking for someone to write a WordPress authentication plugin leveraging OAuth. It’s part of a bigger project – if we work well together there is plenty of scope for expansion. So if you have plugin development experience, are familiar with OAuth and have bandwidth to take the task on, please drop me a line.


And for those of you who got to the bottom of this splendid email, here is the link to Ivan's slides on PPC.









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