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Selected By: Kori Schulman

5316 Telegraph Ave

5316 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94609 (map)

Selected by: Victory V Lee

Message from Let's Move!:

First Lady Michelle Obama is leading the U.S. Delegation to the 2012 Olympic Games and she’s calling on families around the country to support Team USA, not just by cheering on our athletes, but by getting active in their own communities.

Saturday, July 28 is the first day of competition in London. Meetup with family, friends and neighbors for your own afternoon of soccer, hoola hoop, relay races -- whatever gets you moving and having fun! RSVP for an Olympic Fun Day Meetup near you and then help spread the word! We’ll feature our favorite Let's Move! Meetups on the Let’s Move blog.

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This is a new Olympic Event - Throw Down for the Town. Get your game on, weeding, digging, planting, building, and seeding. This family event in the edible garden is a team building exercise to prepare the garden for it's next phase.

Weeds & Seeds is an annual event sponsored by Victory Garden Foundation and this year, teaming up with Bay Localize, we're happy to kick off the 2012 Olympic Games in the edible garden where you get a work out and everyone is a winner.

9 am - 1 pm (People's Victory Garden at the Telegraph Center, 5316 Telegraph Ave, Oakland CA 94609)
1 pm - 5 pm (Snow Park at Lake Merritt, Oakland CA 94612 - Celebrate in the park - sponsored by Ella Baker Center for Human Rights)

Let us know you're in at: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/ThrowDown2012­

We want to be sure we have enough breakfast, snacks, and tools for your wonderful experience.

Sponsors: www.VictoryGardenFoundation.org
Trader Joe's Emeryville, Oakland/Lakeshore, Rockridge

Selected by: Victory V Lee

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    Joining a Let's Move Olympic Fun Day Meetup on Saturday, July 28?

    Share your story and follow the fun:
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    We look forward to hearing from you!

    Posted by Let's Move! July 25, 2012
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    Check out http://letsmove.gov/meetup­ for brand new ways to share your Let’s Move! Olympic Fun Day Meetup experience - from Twitter logos to a custom sign for your participants to use!

    Posted by Let's Move! July 23, 2012
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    Watch First Lady Michelle Obama discuss the ‪Lets Move! Olympic Fun Day: http://youtu.be/V78bU8k5g4I­

    Posted by Let's Move! July 19, 2012
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    What about a walk around Lake Merritt, meeting at the Pergola to start? We could also have other activities if people want to bring things like frisbees and hula hoops.

    Posted by Danica July 12, 2012
    • Susan Avent's Photo

      A walk around Lake Merrit sound good! Other activties also sound like fun.

      Posted by Susan Avent July 19, 2012

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