Hello Everyone,

If you are an artist that plays the guitar, or  play the keyboard (I don't have a piano), or sing
I will like to invite you over to my place in Silver Spring where we can have jam sessions
in my basement patio.

I will like you to give me a call, because I am always coming up with great music ideas, and I need
collaborators who can share the spark and hopefully give life not just to my music, but music
inspired in them as well.

You can call me and hopefully we can have a great way of coming together in a way 
that inspires the best music. I have just picked up the guitar.

Actually I was inspired by a song from the Beatles called "Tomorrow Never Knows" after watching MAD MEN
and I told myself I must not put off music one more day, and I think you shouldn't put it off either, so call me!

I have not even figured out the lyrics but I like the flow and its grown on me :)

My number is[masked] and my name is Dave