Liberty Connections 3/27/13

From: William E. G.
Sent on: Wednesday, March 27, 2013 7:57 PM
Spread the Word of Liberty Far and Wide!
“All war is based on deception.” - Sun Tzu [~500 B.C.]
The Prussian Government School Model (Video)
White House Tells Paul, Lee, and Cruz Not To Filibuster Gun Control Bill Politics Digest
Temple Mayor Denies Gun Rights Affirmation; Resolution Supporter Arrested In Separate Incident Lou Ann Anderson
“Loving” Christians Who Plan to Steal Your Money by Ballot Box Gary North
Embrace The Hate!! – NewsWithViewsTV (Video)
Guantanamo Bay: Which Side Is Obama On? John Myers
U.S. Taxpayer Money: Making Dictators Rich And Perpetuating Instability For More Than 70 Years Sam Rolley
Senate True Conservatives Vow Spirited Fight Against Gun Control Sam Rolley
Poll Finds Fading Support For Federal Gun-Grabbing Legislation Ben Bullard
The Bible Or The Bayonet? Bradlee Dean
Time For Change Again Joe Kress
“[Socialism] was tried in the 20th century. It produced economic stagnation and despair. In its purest form, it extinguished more than one hundred million people.” Beating Back Obamanomics” [March 6, 2009] - Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.
SCOTUS Rules Cops Can’t Just Show Up With A Dog And No Warrant Ben Bullard
WTHR – The Risk Inside Your Credit Card (Video) Warning Given! Be Aware!
Dept of Homeland Security Involvement in Operation Fast And Furious Charles K. Edwards
‘Me Too’ Republicans Thomas Sowell Proof Republicans are Not Liberty Minded!
LBJ And Media Complicity With Iraq Jacob G. Hornberger
The Evil of the National-Security State Jacob G. Hornberger
A True-Life Thriller About America’s Covert Wars Erica Abeel
Governmental Robbery: Asset Forfeiture and the Pillaging of the American People John W. Whitehead
"The greatest dangers to liberty lurk in insidious encroachment by men of zeal, well-meaning but without understanding." Whitney v. California [1927] - Justice Louis D. Brandeis
America, You Crushed My Country and Now It Has No Future Dahr Jamail
Tell It To The Dead: American Promises Buried in Iraq Nick Turse
The Iraq War: Ten Years of U.S. Crimes Against Humanity Sara Flounders
Obamavote: Healthcare Application Registers Voters Too Paul Bedard
"Roman Stoicism had been developed in times of despotism as a philosophy of lonely and courageous souls who had recognized the redeeming power of philosophical reason in all the moral and social purposes of life. Philosophy as a way of life makes men free. It is the last ditch stand of liberty in a world of servitude." - Albert Soloman
William E. 'Bill' Grisham CPA
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