Lib er t y Con nec tions 4-16/13

From: William E. G.
Sent on: Tuesday, April 16, 2013 5:37 PM
Spread the Word of Liberty Far and Wide!
“It is not only under Nazi rule that police excesses are inimical to freedom. It is easy to make light of insistence on scrupulous regard for the safeguards of civil liberties when invoked on behalf of the unworthy. It is too easy. History bears testimony that by such disregard are the rights of liberty extinguished, heedlessly at first, the stealthily, and brazenly in the end.” - Justice Felix Frankfurter
The Mechanics of Government-Criminal Bank Fraud (Video)
Active Duty Soldier Illegally Disarmed and Arrested (Video)
The Goal Is To Destroy All Constitutional Culture Brandon Smith
Vet Abused, Disarmed By Cops Because ‘Polite’ Constitution Has No Place For Rights Sam Rolley (Videos)
NYPD Entrapment Tactic Another Tool In Relentless Push For State Control Ben Bullard
I, [Object] Video Contest (Video) Here’s something for you video heads out there and it could win you some bucks! J
IRS Likely To Target Small Businesses In Key Regions For Audits Sam Rolley
Rick Perry Tells PTR ‘Come On Down; To Texas To Make Your Guns Ben Bullard (Video)
Blowback At Boston? Jacob G. Hornberger
Easily Concealed – Flashbang Bra Holster (Video)
The IRS Snoops The Washington Times Editorial
“Once an individual who would advance liberty has settled on self-perfection as the correct method, the first fact to bear in mind is that ours is not a numbers problem. Were it necessary to bring a majority into a comprehension of the libertarian philosophy, the cause of liberty would be utterly hopeless. Every significant movement in history has been led by one or just a few individuals with a small minority of energetic supporters.” - Leonard E. Read, "How to Advance Liberty" [1965]
U.S. Creates Enemy-Industrial Complex Tom Engelhardt
Unfiltered News from the Reality Zone G. Edward Griffin April 6 – 15, 2013
Sen Ted Cruz Federal Income Tax Day Message (Video)
IRS Insanity Update: Small Business owner Takes IRS to Court, AND WINS (Video)
ZoNation: Kim Jong Un, Put Down That Nuke Before You Hurt Yourself (Video)
Taxes, Terrorism and Inspiration: Explosions in Boston Wreak Tragedy on Marathon Day (Video)
Texas: Protect Small Farmers and Backyard Poultry Owners Organic Consumers Assn.
“If government can create rights, it can withhold and destroy rights.  The practical consequence of this fact is that if rights are derived from governments, there are no rights.  Governmental favors may masquerade as rights.  They may even assume a semblance of constitutionality.  But such favors are instruments of power; they are arbitrary ‘rights’ granted under the circumstances, subject to recall and change.  When rights are arbitrarily created, there are no rights, only privileges.” - Clarence B. Carson
UM Coach: Bomb Sniffing Dogs Were at Start, Finish Lines for “Drill” (Video)
Boston Marathon: Bombing Drill Coincided With Explosions (Video)
Rare TV NEWS Report About WTC Bombing FBI Foreknowledge (Video)
Happy Tax Freedom Day? Benjamin W. Powell
North Korea Is Like a Misbehaving Child – Ignore It Ivan Eland
SAFE Act Mistake Leads to Pistol Permit Seizure, Reversal Jon Campbell (Video)
Freedom versus Mandatory Charity Jacob G. Hornberger
On Tax Day, Consider the Hidden Costs of War David Elliott
Nigel Farage: Eurozone Completely Incompatible with Nation-State Democracy (Video)
“The government of the United States (or of France or Russia or any other nation over a significant period of time) will be and do whatever most of the voters want or will tolerate. No mechanistic scheme or written document can ever for long prevent the effective minority (usually called the majority) of the people from doing whatever it is they want to do.
“Thus, whenever the majority (that is, the effective minority) of the American people accept again the general philosophy that inspired the Constitution, we will return to the Constitution; not before. For while laws may reflect what people believe, it is the beliefs, not the laws as such that generally determine their actions.” - Dean Russell
William E. 'Bill' Grisham CPA
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