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From: William E. G.
Sent on: Friday, August 16, 2013 2:22 PM
Spread the Word of Liberty Far and Wide!
“This will be the best security for maintaining our liberties. A nation of well-informed men who have been taught to know and prize the rights which God had given them cannot be enslaved. It is in the religion of ignorance that tyranny begins.” - Benjamin Franklin
Get Active in the Freedom Movement
Join the Freedom Focus Toastmasters of San Antonio
Meetings every Thursday from 7:30pm to 8:30pm
At Northeast Baptist Hospital, Classroom One
8811 Village Drive near Starcrest Dr. just off NE Loop 410
Go in the main hospital entrance, go towards the ER Entrance and find the Administration Wing. If you see the Gift Shop and Chapel, you’re headed the right way!
Obama Promises Reform of NSA Spying, But The Devil Will Be In The Details Rainey Reitman
Trolling Effects: Taking On Patent Trolls With Your Help Adi Kamdar & Julie Samuels
Judge Grants Preliminary Injunction To Protect Free Speech After EFF Challenge Matt Zimmerman
A Guide To The Deceptions, Misinformation, And Word Games Officials Use To Mislead The Public About NSA Surveillance Trevor Timm
Obama Administration Releases Previously Secret legal Opinion On NSA’s Associational Tracking Program Cindy Cohn
Were The “Birthers” Right? – NewsWithViewsTV (Video)
Benghazi – The Cover Up Deepens Dr, Laurie Roth
One Conservative Missing From CNN’s New “Crossfire” Cliff Kincaid
Why Ted Cruz Shouldn’t Be President Bob Livingston
TGIF: The Phony Trade-Off Between Privacy And Security Sheldon Richman
"The fundamental source of all your errors, sophisms and false reasonings is a total ignorance of the natural rights of mankind. Were you once to become acquainted with these, you could never entertain a thought, that all men are not, by nature, entitled to a parity of privileges. You would be convinced, that natural liberty is a gift of the beneficent Creator to the whole human race, and that civil liberty is founded in that; and cannot be wrested from any people, without the most manifest violation of justice." The Farmer Refuted, 1775 - Alexander Hamilton
Hasan Is, Beyond Doubt, Guilty Michael Minns
The U.S. Government Loves Egypt’s Military Dictatorship Jacob G. Hornberger
Congressional Republicans AWOL From August Town Hall Meetings Ben Bullard
Drug War Destructive For Wrong Reasons Leonard Pitts Jr.
Obama’s Unilateral End Run Around Congress: Hike FCC Cellphone Fees To Pay For High-Speed Internet Ben Bullard
White House On Idea For Gun-Free Zone Around Obama: No Way! Sam Rolley
Watch A Predator Drone Kill The Driver Of A Car With Hellfire Missile (Video)
“Reason and Ignorance, the opposites of each other, influence the great bulk of mankind. If either of these can be rendered sufficiently extensive in a country, the machinery of Government goes easily on. Reason obeys itself; and Ignorance submits to whatever is dictated to it.” The Rights of Man [1792] - Thomas Paine [masked])
Please Read Joseph Heller’s Catch-22 On Your Vacation, Mr. President Amy Goodman
Education In America: Conditioning For Low Expectations Kevin Jackson
What THEY Did To YOU When YOU Weren’t Looking Jan Morgan
Thursday: The Alex Jones Show: Alex "Deeply Racist" Jones Responds to MSNBC's Defamatory Claims With Larry Pinkney of the Original Black Panther Party (Video)
Orange County, Florida Sheriff Blithely Proclaims: ‘We Are A Paramilitary Organization’ Ben Bullard
Is This Document The smoking Gun Of The United Nations’ Disarmament Plan For America? Lorri Anderson
Obamacare Provision: “Forced” Home Inspections Joshua Cook (Video Down Page)
Book Review: All In The Family: America’s Big Brother Matthew Harwood
“It has been well said that, while we used to suffer from social evils, we now suffer from the remedies for them. The difference is that, while in former times the social evils were gradually disappearing with the growth of wealth, the remedies we have introduced are beginning to threaten the continuance of that growth of wealth on which all future improvement depends... Though we may have speeded up a little the conquest of want, disease, ignorance, squalor, and idleness, we may in the future do worse even in that struggle when the chief dangers will come from inflation, paralyzing taxation, coercive labor unions, an ever increasing dominance of government in education, and a social service bureaucracy with far-reaching arbitrary powers—dangers from which the individual cannot escape by his own efforts and which the momentum of the overextended machinery of government is likely to increase rather than mitigate.” - Friedrich A. Hayek (1899 - 1992)

William E. 'Bill' Grisham CPA
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NOTICE:  Due to Presidential Executive Orders, the National Security Agency may have read this email without warning, warrant, or notice.  They may do this without any judicial or legislative oversight and it can happen to ordinary Americans like you and me. You have no recourse nor protection save to vote against any incumbent endorsing such unlawful acts.

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