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October 29, 2012

COMPULSORY Q (no membership if not answered): Pls describe yr position on religion/faith e.g. atheist, naturalist, 'agnostic', religious doubter, religious, OR any description that best describes you. (Not to label you, just to know group make-up)

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COMPULSORY Q: Why do you want to join? (if faith/religion bothers you, what aspects in particular? (Helps us tailor activities to your concerns (within our remit of "peacefully promote reason/atheism")). Pls write as much or as little as you like.

what DOESNT bother me about religion!?!?! for starters, their active intent to suppress others' freedom of speech+expression in all forms. Their intent to purposely reinforce ignorence by spreading out-right lies to others,+worst of all to children! (what i concider to be a severe form of mental+intellectual child abuse)-especially worrying are private (religious) schools. The repeated use of violence as a way to threaten others to "believe"-horrors of this kind have occurred in history time+time again, always with the mantra being "our god is greater than yours" or "god is great" mentality,+then to turn around+insist that their religion is a peaceful one. The reality being that religion is used for those who cannot cope with trauma. This is why it's so easy for those in positions of power (eg: priests, imams, rabbis) to manipulate others into doing what ever they want. Ignorence in NOT bliss. It is the instigator of hatred, violence+murder under a guise of peace+love.

Where did you hear about us?

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(You're welcome as a social or even a silent member, & there's absolutely no pressure - but would you want to be involved (at some stage) in actively challenging faith in any way? Petitions, leafleting etc, or something else?


If so, what kind of issues are most emotive for you? What kind of activism do you prefer - humourous/cheeky or more direct? Any other ideas you'd like to share at the moment?

Secularism. misinformation being spread: in the streets, at schools, in the papers, etc. The disintegration of the NHS from all angles, including the attack against women's health (including abortion issues). Freedom of speech+expression. New historical findings+research. Possible actions: Handing out leaflets/buttons/stickers/videos/books, attending meetings+conferences, petitions, i dont open to suggestions.



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This covers: This is to help with LAAG's activism and the Ministry of Reason project.

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Refunds are not offered for this Meetup.

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