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June 23, 2012

COMPULSORY Q (no membership if not answered): Pls describe yr position on religion/faith e.g. atheist, naturalist, 'agnostic', religious doubter, religious, OR any description that best describes you. (Not to label you, just to know group make-up)

Atheist. I'm also sure that there is no life after death. I don't worship any major stream atheists like Richard Dawkins, nor anyone else... (but I do agree with their ATHEISTIC view, not other views). I'm actually annoyed by the fact that all of these folks pollutes atheism with the Gay agenda. I'm an atheist who thinks even further than other atheists and I wish all atheists would think with their own brain rather than having mainstream atheists imposing on you, installing in your mind the gay agenda or any other agenda whatsoever.

COMPULSORY Q: Why do you want to join? (if faith/religion bothers you, what aspects in particular? (Helps us tailor activities to your concerns (within our remit of "peacefully promote reason/atheism")). Pls write as much or as little as you like.

It enslaves humankind. Because the majority of the population, who wants to be enslaved ( and to a ceratain extent they deserve it since they feed the religious virus, being they religious), EVEN PEOPLE LIKE US ATHEISTS ARE SLAVES, but in our case we have no fault. If it weren't for them we would be gods. We could live healthly forever and, after a few more discoveries in physics, wander around the Universe.... I've always said it: the atheists should live on a separate continent or State than the rest of the population, with our own laws. I'm gonna stop here but I would have much more to say.

Where did you hear about us?

searched on meetup website

(You're welcome as a social or even a silent member, & there's absolutely no pressure - but would you want to be involved (at some stage) in actively challenging faith in any way? Petitions, leafleting etc, or something else?

If I have the time, I'd love so.

If so, what kind of issues are most emotive for you? What kind of activism do you prefer - humourous/cheeky or more direct? Any other ideas you'd like to share at the moment?

- the fact that if I have a disease,(MAJOR or MINOR DOESN'T MATTER),I can't cure it because we didn't develop a cure since certain researches in certain fields appear to be against God's will, against god's word/writings and are forbidden by the law; not to mention that the whole scientific field is way behind compared to where it could have been if it weren't for religions. And we all know that science brings wellbeing. Religion/Politics are a blocker of wellbeing. -I like when comedians make fun of religion but I'd prefer a more direct activism. -Go outside the church on Sunday, wait for people to come out and distribute 2 page brochures that briefly explain why religion is a dangerous virus, in addition to being a fairy tale; the brocures could have links to youtube (science) videos (videos with no political or other strings). N2: get Warren Buffett (he's atheist) to donate 85% of his wealth to us next time, to buy an island and create our own State with our own God-free laws


hi, I never have the chance to talk to people who are on my same intellectual level (I'm not referring to academic qualifications) and have same opinions about the real world. Attending this group's events I might be in good company.

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