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Scientologists believe the Holocaust was planned and carried out by psychiatrists

Guildford, GB
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The Independent

More evidence that God created some religions just to give us all a good laugh!

However, more sinisteristically (!?) their use of lawyers is quite strong - enough to intimidate people.

...and even more sinistristically - it's a cult with money and power and it ruins peoples lives.

Maybe not so funny after all.
Andy S.
user 8457357
London, GB
Post #: 181
The scientologists hate psychiatrists - when I went to Los Angeles a couple of years back, there is even a museum to this effect. L Ron Hubbard probably fell out with a counsellor when he was a teenager.
Barry R.
user 10723166
London, GB
Post #: 587
I honestly don't see Scientology as a religion or even a cult.

To my mind, this movement is simply a way for fevered-egos with cash to burn to get attention.
Only the rich within the group will ever 'progress' through its levels because only the rich are able to afford all of the attendant paraphernalia that has to be purchased - books, dvds, devices & lectures etc.

It attracts actors and musicians because they have the need to be 'noticed' and the wherewithal to pay for it. The bulk of the 'rank-and-file' are just trying to join the same club as their idols, I think.

Scientologists no more believe that psychiatrists 'planned and carried out the Holocaust' that the Archbishop of Canterbury believes in talking snakes, It's just a way to get folks to look at them. A kind of 'exhibitionism', I suppose.

I'm afraid that I have no sympathy for those who lose out by joining-up with these idiots. They don't have to get involved, they don't have to sign anything, they don't have to stay and they don't have to remain silent - they choose to.
When the excrement strikes the ventilator these people play the 'victim card'. I trump that with my, "Well you joined them, I didn't force you to" card.

A former member
Post #: 748
It's a sinister money making racket and the members are victims of brainwashing. But as Martyn said, it gives the rest of us a good laugh.

Barry R.
user 10723166
London, GB
Post #: 588
It's a sinister money making racket and the members are victims of brainwashing.

They volunteered for it, Hamid. Nobody forced them.

Nobody forces potholers to get lost and drowned, nobody forces mountaineers to climb and freeze to death, hobby parachutists to plunge to their deaths, racing drivers to crash and burn; they all want to do it.

The list of human stupidity is endless. The only question is at what point should people be protected from themselves. We could argue about it forever, Hamid. I suspect that we'd never agree where to draw the line.

In this day and age there is no excuse for anyone not to know what the Scientology movement is. The www is full of horror stories about it. People are either not looking hard enough before joining or they are looking and ignoring the facts.
user 75552172
London, GB
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I sometimes think people that join these sorts of organisations are fooled by the initial marketing lies which are designed to appeal to whatever weakness they have. So even knowledge of an organisation may not be sufficient, especially for those who have no critical thinking skills. Scientology is particular criminal as by the time the victim finds out the truth, if ever, they can blackmail them to keep them in line.

By the way this is my first post here, thanks for letting me onto the boards.
Alex D
London, GB
Post #: 298
I think you are judging people by your own standards Barry; not everyone is as intelligent, well-educated, well-informed, rational and emotionally robust as you. Plus the cult recruiters are skilled and well-resourced. They will be more experienced at manipulating and deceiving people than their prey are at spotting and resisting same, and often more intelligent. They prey on the vulnerable as well as on Hollywood egomaniacs; they tried to recruit me so certainly don't restrict themselves to the rich!
Barry R.
user 10723166
London, GB
Post #: 593
Hi, Simon, welcome aboard.

I've heard this 'blackmail' suggestion before and I really don't understand how this is done. What are these people 'blackmailed' with? What does the group 'have' on them?


flattery will get you everywhere, you shameless hussy!
They had a go at you, eh? What did you say to them?
A former member
Post #: 749
I've heard this 'blackmail' suggestion before and I really don't understand how this is done. What are these people 'blackmailed' with?

All Scientologists have to go through regular "auditing" where they talk about all the issues and aspects of their private life. These sessions are all recorded. Many fear leaving because their secrets could be exposed to the world by the leaders of the racket, I mean church. An actor, whose son died a few years ago because he was made to follow the Sci's policy of not using conventional medicine, is rumoured to have wanted to leave as a result of the death but feared the Sci's would reveal he's gay, so he stayed.

The other tactic deployed is basic harassment. Ex-members have been followed and harassed on a daily basis. Look up an interview with actor Jason Beghe, who left the Sci's after many years. He talks about how members are controlled and brainwashed, and how he's been harassed since he's left.
Barry R.
user 10723166
London, GB
Post #: 597
Interesting, Hamid.

This 'auditing' sounds rather like the Catholic confessional. In both cases I find it utterly inexplicable. Why would anyone freely give information about themselves that is incriminating or embarrassing. Why? I just don't understand this mentality.

I still can't muster any sympathy for people who compromise themselves so easily.

As for the harassment, call the law. Don't just let it happen. Let these people see that you will not be pushed around.

Very depressing, Hamid, but I do appreciate your insights.

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