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'Catching Them Young' - Indoctrination

The Review and relevant quotations showing how prejudices are inculcated into children in the fiction, toys and games they are given.

Word file 80K Sue M Mar 14, 2008

'Marriage' Notes for Introduction to discussion

Notes for Introduction to Meetup discussion. Guardian Feature on:- http://lifeandhea...­

Word file 32K Sue M Feb 28, 2008

2007 Abortion Law 40th Anniversary

Lists the many good reasons why women should be thanked for not accepting unwanted pregnancy and motherhood as the punishment for accidental or unwanted conception. Written initially as the reply to a previous attack on women's rights by RC. Cleric.

Word file 38K Sue M Mar 28, 2012

21st Century Fairly Tales

21st Century feminist view on classic tales told to children/girls from a young age

Word file 36K Emilia L. May 24, 2008


A Review of JackHolland's book of the same name, by Joy Wood. First printed in the Ethical Record - Jan 2007.

HTML file 45K Sue M Jan 24, 2007


Women's experience and talents have not been recognised as of unique important to the health and wellbeing and still shapes many attitudes towards healthcare, of mind and body, science. treatments and medication & belief in alternative therapies.

Adobe Acrobat file 154K Sue M Nov 5, 2011


Women across the world pay the price of anti-abortionist activism.

Word file 37K Sue M Mar 28, 2012


'Advocacy' plays a necessary part in the building of a post religious society in which the role of women and the family are radically different from the past if people are to be happy and secure.

Word file 35K Sue M Feb 28, 2010

Are Women Less Intelligent than men - The Research

Does the research substantiate this belief and if not why not? What every woman should know.

a .docx file 39K Sue M Jul 5, 2012


The key to understanding how religions and other superstitions are inculcated into the beliefs of otherwise rational people are explained in the working of human physiology the purpose of which is to maintain health and wellbeing.

Adobe Acrobat file 213K Sue M Nov 5, 2011

Better Dead than Defiled-excerpt.

'Better Dead than Defiled' and denying 'Degrees of Abuse '- patriarchal attitudes that 'punish & increase the abuse of women.

a .docx file 13K Sue M Dec 17, 2013

Current Issues and Abortion

Word file 24K Sue M Jun 15, 2007

Cynthia Cockburn on Afghan Women

The views of Afghan women - Is war the lesser of two evils? For some of us it was never only about oil and US/UK interests, but about the pleas of Afghan women for protection from the Taliban.

Word file 22K Sue M Apr 7, 2010

Delusions of Gender

Cordelia Fine’s book:Book Review Contents, comments and description on the book cover.

a .docx file 30K Sue M Dec 3, 2013

Double blow for poor mothers

The current Crime and Welfare Bill - is an attack on all poor women, mothers and grandmothers, and on the minimum wage.

Word file 23K Sue M Jun 18, 2009

f-word Response

My response sent to the f-word article by Debbi - (see message board)

Word file 37K Sue M Oct 24, 2008

Feminist Meetup Links

Information and other resources

Word file 22K Sue M May 24, 2007


Recent UN- WHO report on Female Genital Mutilation and proposed legislation to prevent it being done in Britain, or to British women and girls.

Word file 22K Sue M Jun 4, 2006

Gender Toys Article

A non-academic article I wrote for the Ham and Petersham magazine. It's aimed at parents, to encourage them to challenge the stereotypes we force feed our children through gender specific toys.

Word file 24K A former member Jun 20, 2010

God on Trial, a feminist comment

This is a short feminist comment on a brilliant play that I hope will become a classic.

Word file 27K Sue M Sep 8, 2008


A clear and unequivocal statement of the need to deal with the problems of all forms of coercive sex, prostitution and pornography without making things worse by moralising and infringing the rights of women where there is no coercion.

Word file 29K Sue M Jun 18, 2009


The distorted religious attitudes and teaching on sex and women's role as subservient has excluded and denigrated women and excluded their talents and creativity from world cultures. It has given us distorted violent & ultra-competitive societies.

Adobe Acrobat file 131K Sue M Nov 5, 2011

Legal Action for Women

An example of harassment and intimidation of women sex workers who chose to work responsibly in the interests of safety.

Word file 39K Sue M Aug 7, 2009


Leviticus on homosexuality and other 'abominations' with appropriate punishments.

Word file 29K Sue M Sep 23, 2008


Velvet Fist sing - 'No Going Back' -

MP3 audio file 942K Sue M Jul 9, 2009

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